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Breast Lift Patient #1

This is a patient who developed breast asymmetry after undergoing lumpectomy and radiation treatment on her right breast. She underwent a mastopexy (breast lift) on the left side to match the right side. Many patients who have had treatment of breast cancer desire breast reconstruction to improve the appearance of their breasts.    

Breast Revision Patient #1

This patient in her 60s had breast augmentation approximately 30 years ago. Her implants became hard and calcified over time. She also developed suspicious lesions in her breasts which required removal. She reported that her breasts looked deformed and desired a procedure that would make her breasts softer and look better.  She underwent replacement of […]

Breast Reduction Patient #3

This is a patient in her 60s with breast cancer who underwent breast reduction at the time of her lumpectomy. Lumpectomy is a procedure to remove the cancer and breast reduction done at the same time is called oncoplastic reduction. She complained of back pain and neck pain and this procedure helped relieve her symptoms […]

Breast Reduction Patient #2

This is a young patient in her 20s who complained of neck and back pain after long hours of work. She also had difficulty exercising and developed rashes underneath her breasts. She desired a breast reduction to improve her symptoms and look.

Breast Reduction Patient #1

This is a woman in her 20s who was unhappy with the size of her breasts because it causes neck pain and bra strap grooving. She underwent bilateral breast reduction which helped alleviate her symptoms.

Breast Augmentation Patient #6

This is a patient in her 30s who underwent breast augmentation. She had pre-operative asymmetry with the right breast being much smaller than the left breast. Different sized implants were used to achieve better symmetry for her.

Breast Augmentation Mastopexy Patient #3

This is a patient in her 50s who underwent a complete mommy makeover. She first underwent a tummy tuck and single-stage augmentation mastopexy. Then she underwent a second stage where she had 360 degree liposuction and gluteal augmentation with fat grafting (“Brazilian Butt Lift”).

Breast Augmentation Mastopexy Patient #2

This is a patient in her 40s who has two children who felt her breasts became droopy after breastfeeding. She also desired more volume. She underwent single-stage augmentation mastopexy. She had placement of full profile implants in a sub-muscular plane along with a breast lift. This procedure gives a fuller, more rounded appearance and raises […]

Breast Augmentation Mastopexy Patient #1

This is a patient in her 30s who has had multiple children and was unhappy with the loose skin in her abdomen and did not like how her breasts began to sag after pregnancy. She underwent bilateral augmentation-mastopexy which means she had placement of breast implants and a lift at the same time. She had […]

Breast Augmentation Patient #5

This is a patient in her 20s with a smaller frame who desired more volume in her breasts and she had placement of 295cc implants (full profile, sub-muscular pocket) in both breasts.

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