We have many patients from out of town requesting consultation for cosmetic surgery so we have described the process of scheduling surgery below.

Step I – Initial Consultation

In the initial consultation, our staff will work with you to discuss your cosmetic surgery goals and desires. Then you will have a conversation with Dr. Raj by phone after he reviews your medical history and photos. If you are interested in scheduling surgery, an in-person consultation and surgery date will be scheduled and you will be sent all of the necessary pre-operative forms in advance. To secure a surgery date, you are required to pay a deposit. The final payment will be made at the in-person consultation.

Step II – In-Person Consultation

Dr. Raj will then meet you in person to further define your goals and finalize the treatment plan. At the In-Person Consultation, Dr. Raj will spend more time summarizing the details of the procedure and the expectations. All forms and necessary paperwork will be filled out and you will be given prescriptions and post-operative instructions pertaining to the procedure. Our team will make all arrangements for you and make this a smooth process.

Step III – Your Surgery and Post-Operative Care

You will then undergo your surgery a few days after your in-person consultation. Depending on the procedure, we recommend you stay locally for 1-2 weeks so Dr. Raj can closely monitor your progress and healing

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