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This is a young man who underwent a direct necklift with a tiny incision under the neck.  It completely transformed his appearance and made him younger without going through a more invasive procedure like a facelift.  He is extremely happy with his results.  

This is a patient in her 50s who disliked the appearance of her neck.  She is a very active, busy professional who felt she had exhausted all skin care options.  She underwent a facelift, necklift, and full face laser.  The lift procedures helped remove excess skin and tighten it in order to produce a more youthful jawline and neck contour.  The full face laser helps rejuvenate the skin by eliminating wrinkles and improving the texture.  This combination of procedures helps to turn back the clock on aging. *Individual results may vary
This patient underwent a deep plane facelift and full face laser treatment to correct sagging skin in her neck and face. The laser resurfaces the skin to rejuvenate the appearance and make it appear smoother. She did not like her jowls and the loose skin in her neck. This procedure helped turned back the clock and make her look more refreshed.
This is a patient in her 60s who felt she looked extremely tired and had loose and sagging skin throughout her face. She underwent facelift, lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelid lift) and facial fat grafting. The fat grafting helped volumize her mid-face and cheeks while the facelift tightened her skin. *Individual results may vary

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is a procedure designed to give the face a more youthful look by reducing wrinkles, excess skin, and signs of aging. Dr. Mohan performed sub-specialty training in aesthetic surgery at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and learned under facelift surgery experts (Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, Dr. Steve Byrd, Dr. A. Jay Burns) to devise his technique.

The goal of Dr. Mohan is to create a more youthful, natural look.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Mohan will discuss your concerns and analyze your face and neck to determine an individualized plan to address your signs of aging.

He may recommend a facelift alone but very often the procedure is performed in conjunction with other facial aesthetic procedures: facial fat grafting, blepharoplasty, neck lift, and brow lift.

Once all of the options are discussed, Dr. Mohan will provide a thorough overview of his plan and how the surgery will be conducted. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact our office for a consultation.

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Benefits of a Facelift

The goal is to reverse the signs of aging by addressing facial wrinkles, sagging cheeks, loss of facial volume, jowls, loose neck skin or muscles. It does not address issues related to the eye and forehead and very often has to be combined with a blepharoplasty or brow lift to address these concerns.

Who is A Candidate?

A facelift is an excellent option for men or women who want to look younger. There are no age limits. Some patients decide to have the procedure in their 40s and some patients are much older. All patients are screened to make sure they are in good health before undergoing a surgery. Very often, we recommend clearance from a primary care physician before undergoing elective surgery.

Dr. Mohan will perform a thorough history and physical to determine if you will be a good candidate for surgery. He will use a personalized plan to determine the procedure that is best suited for your concerns.

How Is the Facelift Surgery Procedure Done?

Facelift DallasA facelift procedures is typically performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately two to four hours to complete. In order to prevent an over-operated look, Dr. Mohan tailors a plan that will address the signs of aging and provide a more natural look. Dr. Mohan will manipulate the deeper tissues and layers of the face called the “SMAS.” Then he will determine how much extra skin needs to be removed and close the incisions.

Very often, a neck lift is performed at the same time to tighten the neck muscles.

Dr. Mohan will typically perform other procedures to achieve a more harmonized result. Sometimes, chemical peels and laser treatments are utilized to address the skin. Textural or pigmentary changes and very fine wrinkles are not addressed which is why these other adjuncts are needed.

Fat grafting and dermal fillers are used to volumize the face and address areas of facial fat loss or descent. A blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or brow lift can also be performed at the same time.

How is the Recovery?

Facelift patients can go home after surgery but need to be monitored by a friend or family for the first few days after surgery. Dr. Mohan recommends patients stay nearby the surgery center and return for a post-operative visit the day after surgery to change the dressings.

During the first few days after surgery, patients will need to rest with their head elevated. It is normal to have some swelling and bruising associated with the surgical sites. Some patients will have drains to collect fluid and those are removed a day or two after the surgery.

Most patients can return to light duties or office-based work after one week. Lighter forms of exercise can be resumed after two to three weeks. Most patients feel comfortable returning to their social activities after three to four weeks. Our staff will provide recommendations on make-up that can help camouflage bruising and swelling.

Dr. Mohan and his staff will provide detailed instructions on their recovery process and will be there every step of the way during the recovery process. Our goal is to make the experience as safe and comfortable as possible.

What about Non-Surgical or Liquid Facelifts?

A facelift will provide a more dramatic and longer lasting result. Some patients are candidates for non-surgical or liquid facelifts using dermal fillers. Most of these treatments are highly effective but do not last as long as a surgical facelift. Non-surgical or liquid facelifts can help address wrinkles and volume loss.

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