Facial Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a procedure in which the patient’s own fat is harvested using liposuction techniques and then re-injected into areas needing volume or enhancement. Liposuction is typically performed on the abdomen, back, waist, and thighs. Fat transfer is also called fat grafting. Fat transfer (fat grafting) helps to add volume to areas deficient in fat. The face loses volume secondary to fat loss and descent so the facial fat transfer is commonly performed.

Dr. Mohan is a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon who is well versed with the cutting-edge techniques of fat transfer (fat grafting). He will meet with you and determine a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals.

Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer

Facial fat transfer (grafting) helps address the loss of volume in the cheek, lower eyelid, temples, nasolabial folds, peri-oral lines, and facial wrinkles.

How is Facial Fat Transfer Done?

Liposuction is first performed to harvest fat from the donor site. The fat is then processed and injected into areas of the face needing more volume and rejuvenation.

Your Consultation

Dr. Mohan will conduct a thorough examination to determine if you will be a suitable candidate for facial fat transfer. He will listen to your goals and come up with a treatment plan that will work best for you.

Recovery Process

Fat grafting is performed usually under general anesthesia. Patients do have swelling and bruising after the procedure that will resolve on its own in 7-10 days. Most patients are able to resume normal activities in 1-2 weeks after the procedure. One can expect approximately 50% of the grafted fat to survive long-term.

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