A rhinoplasty (nose job) is a procedure to change the appearance of the nose and help improve breathing. Raja Mohan is a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon with a keen interest in rhinoplasty. He trained under experts Drs. Rod J. Rohrich and Steve H. Byrd at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

What Can a Rhinoplasty Accomplish?

Rhinoplasty (nose job) can alter the shape and appearance of the nose. Many rhinoplasty techniques can increase or reduce the size of the nose and the tip. Some common conditions that are addressed with a rhinoplasty include a bulbous (rounded) tip, crooked or misshapen nose, and dorsal hump. A rhinoplasty can also help address breathing problems and nasal airway obstruction. Very often this happens with prior trauma (nasal fractures) or septal deviation.

Who Can get a Rhinoplasty?

There are no age limits, but one should at least be a teenager before considering rhinoplasty so that the majority of facial growth is completed. Dr. Mohan will perform a thorough history and physical during the consultation to make sure you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Some patients had a prior rhinoplasty and are seeking a revision to improve the appearance of the nose or their breathing.

How Is the Surgery Performed?

Dr. Mohan performs both open and closed rhinoplasty and the approach and technique will be individualized for each patient. In open rhinoplasty, an incision is made to separate the layer of nasal skin from the underlying bony and cartilaginous support framework. Closed rhinoplasty is performed through hidden incisions inside the nose. Through these incisions, Dr. Mohan will manipulate the bone and cartilage to achieve your rhinoplasty goals. Dr. Mohan may use cartilage grafts and suturing techniques as a part of the rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty typically takes 2 to 3 hours and can be combined with other facial or body procedures. The procedure is done under general anesthesia and patients are able to go home after the procedure.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Patients of African, Asian, Latino, and Middle Eastern descent may require different techniques or approaches to achieve their goals in rhinoplasty. Dr. Mohan performed his fellowship training under Dr. Rod J. Rohrich who is an expert in rhinoplasty. In his training, he learned advanced techniques that can be used in ethnic rhinoplasty.

What Is the Recovery like?

After the surgery, there will be splints in place that stay on until the first follow-up visit. There may be sutures in place that are also removed during the first post-operative visit. It is normal to have swelling, bruising and congestion after surgery. Ice packs can help relieve swelling and discomfort during the post-operative period. Most patients are able to return to light duties or office-based work after a week and resume physical exercise after two weeks. It takes approximately one year for the healing to be completed and for all swelling to go down. Our staff will provide complete post-operative instructions to help you throughout the recovery process.

Revision or Secondary Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging and rewarding procedures in plastic surgery. Revision rhinoplasty is even more complex and requires special expertise to perform. Patients desiring revision rhinoplasty typically present with one of the following issues:

  • Crooked nose or tip
  • Hanging columella
  • Dorsal hump
  • Short nasal length
  • Over- or under-rotated tip
  • Breathing difficulties

Although many of the techniques are similar to primary rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty typically requires cartilage grafts from other sources such as the rib or ear.

For patients desiring a revision, they can be confident in Dr. Mohan because he trained under rhinoplasty experts at his aesthetic surgery fellowship at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

What is a Liquid or Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Using injectable fillers, many of the goals of rhinoplasty can be achieved in a non-surgical manner. It is a great option to temporarily address minor deformities and asymmetries. Although the results are temporary, it gives the impression of what a surgical rhinoplasty would look like also.

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