15 Most Popular Reasons for Rhinoplasty

15 Most Popular Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Undergoing cosmetic rhinoplasty is a big decision for most people. Some desire a nose job for personal reasons while others seek out a nose job for medical purposes. No matter the reason for getting rhinoplasty, it is crucial that the patient and physician be fully on the same page when it comes to the underlying concerns and the expected results.

Here’s a look at the top 15 reasons people choose to have a nose job.

Increase Self-Esteem

The shape and size of a person’s nose greatly affect the overall symmetry of the face. But a lot of people aren’t happy with the shape or size of their nose, which causes them to consider the potential benefits of cosmetic rhinoplasty. Starting to consider nose reshaping, patients are able to imagine a more pleasing aesthetic for their face. Nose reshaping allows patients to correct unfortunate aesthetics problems with their nose. With a nose that’s better shaped and proportionate to the face, it becomes more enjoyable to look in the mirror and walk through your days with increased self-esteem. 

Fix Nasal Fractures

You have two nasal bones. If you fracture either one of them or both, you will likely experience mild to severe pain and the overall shape of your nose may not be the same even after the fractures have healed. A simple solution to this is to undergo cosmetic rhinoplasty and let the experienced surgical physicians restore your nasal health and beauty.

Correct Breathing Issues

Medical Reasons For RhinoplastyAt night, it becomes hard to breathe while sleeping when you have obstructions in the nasal passageways. This problem with the nasal septum is what causes snoring, and for some people, it can lead to extremely restless nights of sleep. A deviated septum is one of the most common reasons people cite for pursuing a nose job. When asked why they sought out functional rhinoplasty procedures, many say a deviated septum. With rhinoplasty surgery, you can go into the cosmetic surgery in peace knowing you will have much better sleep at night when you’ve healed from the cosmetic surgery because your nasal passageways will no longer be blocking your nighttime breathing patterns 

Improve Aesthetics

If you’re looking to improve your overall appearance, you can never go wrong with consulting a rhinoplasty surgeon about a nose job. The physician can explain the structure of your face and how your nose complements or doesn’t complement it. Getting a rhinoplasty procedure is one of the easiest ways to greatly improve the overall appearance of your face.

Cleft Lip or Palate

Another reason that a lot of people get rhinoplasty is that they have a cleft palate. People with a cleft lip or palate are usually born with it, and in some instances, the condition results in major facial deformities in areas around the mouth and nose. A rhinoplasty can help address any aesthetics and medical concerns you may have. 

Chronic Sinus Issues

Much like any other condition that blocks the nasal passageways, having chronic sinus issues can lead to sleeping and eating problems. In fact, these issues can lead to challenges in many areas of life, making it very important to consider how rhinoplasty would be of help. 

Dorsal Hump

People who have a large knot or bump on the bridge of their nose are said to have a dorsal hump. This hump is generally caused by bone or cartilage, and it tends to be the easiest to see when looking at a person from the profile view. With the right surgical techniques, it becomes possible to reduce the size of a dorsal hump or to get rid of it together. Imagine the self-esteem and confidence boost that you’ll enjoy when you get a dorsal hump removed. 

Bulbous Tip

If you think the end of your nose appears as if it’s too large, then there’s a good chance you have a bulbous tip, which is actually quite common. It’s also very common for people to seek rhinoplasty when they have a bulbous tip.

Additional Reasons for the Procedure

Are you considering having rhinoplasty surgery? If so, you should be fully aware of the potential benefits and risks. Some of the more notable benefits are:

  • Improve breathing
  • Reduce the nasal tip
  • Have a positive effect on breathing
  • Give the nostrils a new shape
  • Correct issues accompanied by having a deviated nasal septum

Rhinoplasty Procedure Risks

The possible risks of rhinoplasty are:

  • Infection
  • Septal perforation
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Improper healing
  • Noticeable scarring
  • Numbness
  • Pain 
  • Complications with local anesthesia

Things to Remember

When you go to the doctor to ask about rhinoplasty surgery, it’s first important that you take time to research the various physicians available in your area and to check out reviews and references from some of their previous clients. Getting a nose job is not typically an overnight surgical procedure but isn’t a simple surgical procedure either. It requires the utmost concentration and knowledge to ensure the desired end result is achieved. 

You should always speak with your surgeon about any concerns you may have or any questions. The doctor is there to answer any and all of your questions to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible before, during, and after facial plastic surgery. 

Once you get home from having rhinoplasty, you should follow all aftercare instructions, particularly those relating to changing bandages and returning for follow-up appointments. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have when you come to see us for your next rhinoplasty procedure consultation with Dr. Raja Mohan. We have helped thousands of people just like you improve their overall sense of satisfaction and well-being in life by giving shape to a new face through a new nose. 

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If you would like more information on the nose job procedure, please check out some of our other content on rhinoplasty and other forms of plastic surgery. Dr. Raj adds content on today’s latest rhinoplasty surgical methods and to see how some of today’s most celebrities are using rhinoplasty to make their lives better. 

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