Chin Augmentation

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like with a different chin, you’re not alone. Many men and women are unhappy with the size, shape, or contours of their chin. For a variety of reasons, these individuals may choose to undergo a chin augmentation.

Chin augmentation can enhance and balance your face’s natural contours. The procedure can also improve the overall proportions of your facial features for a more aesthetically-pleasing looks.

What Is Chin Augmentation?

Also known as genioplasty or mentoplasty, chin augmentation surgery slightly alters the structure of the face, specifically in the area of the chin.

There are different types of surgery, but the most common type involves the insertion of a small chin implant in a strategic area.

Custom-fit chin implants can help a “weak” chin appear stronger and more chiseled, or it can balance out other parts of the face, providing an improved overall harmony to the features.

Chin Augmentations Benefits

Individuals may choose to undergo chin surgery for a variety of reasons. For the most part, chin implants are chosen as an aesthetic solution because:

  • A certain part of the face is underdeveloped
  • A health condition has caused a malformation of a certain area of the face
  • The face is asymmetrical
  • The individual wishes to achieve a more proportional face (this is often the case when the patient is undergoing rhinoplasty surgery as well and wants the proportions of the chin to match the nose)

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Chin Augmentation?

Chin Augmentation DallasLike rhinoplasty, chin augmentation surgery requires a delicate hand and close attention to detail. That’s because more than just bone, skin, and muscle are involved when it comes to the chin and jaw. Often, a chin is so situated because of a specific reason that relates more to the teeth. In these cases, an orthodontic evaluation is necessary, and something other than cosmetic surgery may fix the problem.

Still, many individuals don’t need an orthodontic solution. And a chin surgery will be required to achieve their desired results.

In order to know what specific situation you are in, you must first book a consultation appointment.

At this appointment, Dr. Mohan will give you a brief physical examination and determine your qualification chin augmentation.

Preparing for Your Consultation Appointment

Booking an augmentation consultation appointment is your first step before surgery. This appointment is crucial for helping Dr. Mohan understand what your goals for the procedure are. This will also be a chance for Dr. Mohan to give you a short physical examination and learn about your medical history.

With this information, he can confirm that you qualify as a candidate for chin surgery.

As you plan for your chin augmentation implant consultation appointment, it is recommended that you bring with you photographs or magazine cutouts of chins that you like. These should accurately depict the ideal chin you’re interested in achieving for yourself. If you are also considering other procedures, such as a face liftneck lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck for example, be sure to discuss these procedures with Dr. Mohan as well.

Together with your doctor, the two of you will come up with a plan for surgery. Ideally, you will even be able to book your surgery date near the end of your consultation appointment.

How Are Chin Augmentation Procedure Performed?

On the day of your chin surgery, you will first receive anesthesia for your safety and comfort. Next, Dr. Mohan will make one or more small incisions — either along the inside of the bottom of the lip (inside the mouth) or on the chin’s underside in a well-hidden area.

If an implant is being used, it will already have been properly prepared and sanitized before surgery. Dr. Mohan will then insert the implant into the targeted area, and the necessary adjustments will be made for a seamless contour. Finally, the incisions will be carefully closed and bandaged.

Chin augmentation surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure. This means you’ll be able to return home on the same day. It’s a good idea to have a trusted friend or family member who can take you home and give you some assistance at the beginning of your recovery, however.

What to Expect During Recovery

As is the case with any surgery, some slight discomfort, pain, bruising, and swelling is normal after chin surgery. While you’ll be able to notice the difference in the shape and contours of your chin right away, keep in mind that the swelling may distort your results, and you should wait until that and the bruising has gone down to assess the outcome.

Dr. Mohan will give you information about how to care for your healing incisions during your recovery period.

During recovery, you’ll also meet with Dr. Mohan for several postoperative appointments. At these appointments, the doctor will take a look at your healing incisions to ensure they are closing up nicely and your recovery and optimal results are on track. If non-absorbable sutures were used, these will need to be removed at some point as well.

As you recover from your surgery, be sure to avoid strenuous physical activity for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Dr. Mohan will direct you as to when you can return to work or school, light daily exercise, and other regular activities.

Remember to follow your recovery instructions carefully as this will ensure the best outcome for your surgery.

Book Your Consultation

If you are unhappy with an underdeveloped chin or a weak jawline, chin surgery may be right for you. This process can improve the contours of your chin and add much-needed volume and firmness to your jawline. Contact us today to schedule your Dallas plastic surgeon consultation appointment.


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