Breast Reconstruction

Undergoing a mastectomy doesn’t mean losing your breasts and natural contours forever. In fact, a procedure called breast reconstruction can give you back a sense of physical wholeness by restoring your breasts to a near- normal size and shape with breast augmentation

Women who are interested in reconstruction have a variety of options, and Dr. Mohan is happy to discuss these with you to ensure you make the best choice for you and your body.

What Is Breast Reconstruction?

The goal of reconstruction surgery is to restore a near-normal appearance to the breasts, usually in women who have undergone a mastectomy (surgery that removes breast tissue from the breast(s) in order to prevent or treat breast cancer).

Experiencing the diagnosis of breast cancer and a subsequent mastectomy can be difficult to process emotionally. A wide range of thoughts will inevitably be running through your mind — among them: “How can ever feel like myself again after having my breasts removed?”

It goes without saying that you are surely still the same person, even after a mastectomy. Still, it is understandable that restoring an important part of your physical identity can repair some of the trauma of a breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy experience.

Dr. Raja Mohan has already helped numerous women restore their self-confidence and more feel like themselves again through surgery. This is a highly safe and effective procedure that can help breast cancer patients in a myriad of ways.

While surgery is not necessarily for everyone, if you have been considering this procedure, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better surgeon than Dr. Mohan in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area.

Who Is a Good Candidate Surgery?

It’s important to note that candidates for after breast reconstruction surgery must meet a list of requirements before they can schedule their surgery.

First, it’s important to be in good overall physical and mental health. If, for any reason, you are in poor health, the reconstruction procedure may exacerbate symptoms and put you at risk. This is especially true if you continue to require ongoing treatment for breast cancer or any other form of cancer or medical condition. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy should be completed before you even consider reconstruction surgery.

Next, keep in mind that smoking puts you at added risk when it comes to any type of surgery, including reconstruction. If you are a smoker, speak with Dr. Mohan about quitting before scheduling your procedure. It’s also important to be at a healthy weight. Those who are overweight or obese will face added risks as well.

Finally, remember that although reconstruction surgery can certainly help you feel more like yourself again and restore the overall shape and size of your breasts, this procedure will not bring your breasts back to exactly the way they were prior to your mastectomy. There will be some changes that you will have to adjust to.

Having realistic expectations about the procedure will set you up for success. For an idea of what to expect when it comes to this type of surgery, take a look at some reconstruction before and after photographs.

Options for Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction DallasThe main two types of breast reconstruction surgery include “flap” reconstruction and breast reconstruction implants.

“Flap” reconstruction utilizes tissue from elsewhere on the patient’s body — usually from the thigh, back, or belly. In some cases, implants are used alongside this technique.

Implant reconstruction simply involves the insertion of a traditional breast implant into the breast tissue — one made of either silicone or saline.

Remember that every breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery is unique. Some women want to return their breasts to exactly the state they were in prior to their mastectomy while others are taking the opportunity to make some enhancements. A simultaneous breast lift is possible, for example.

Some patients even opt to have additional procedures  performed, such as liposuction or a tummy tuck. You’ll also need to decide whether or not you plan to have your nipple(s) reconstructed.

Lastly, some women are only having one breast reconstructed and simply want to even things out.

Recovery After Surgery

Some bruising, swelling, and pain and discomfort are common after  surgery. Closely follow the care instructions given to you by Dr. Mohan to ensure optimal results.

Remember that most often, surgery recovery is shorter when flaps are not used. That’s because if you have flap reconstruction, the location from which the flap of tissue was taken will need to heal as well.

As your recovery progresses, you will slowly begin to regain strength and see the results of your surgery. You will meet with Dr. Mohan several times so that he can assess the healing process and let you know when you can return to work, exercise, and other daily activities. Patients who are having nipple reconstruction will need to return for this surgery about three months after their initial reconstruction procedure.

Before and After Photos

Dr. Mohan takes the time, dedication, and attention necessary to ensure that his patients are completely satisfied with the results of his surgeries, especially those undergoing reconstruction and nipple reconstruction.

To view additional before and after images, visit Dr. Mohan’s  photo gallery.

Book your Consultation

When deciding if reconstruction surgery is right for you, it’s essential to take your time and do your research. Dr. Mohan is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this procedure. Schedule your consultation appointment today to speak Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Raja Mohan about reconstruction and to find out if you qualify as a candidate. He serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex serving Irving, Arlington, Grapevine, Southlake, Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Irving, and Coppell.


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