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After losing a significant amount of weight, many individuals struggle with the large amount of excess skin that’s left behind. While a certain amount of elasticity remains in the skin as weight loss occurs, it’s not uncommon to have substantial folds of skin on the upper arms, thighs, buttocks, and especially, around the abdomen, including the back.

This skin can cause a number of problems for the individual. Not only can it make you feel self-conscious at the beach or when wearing tight clothing, but it can also be physically uncomfortable, making it difficult to exercise and get around.

When patients come to Dr. Mohan looking for solutions to their excess skin, one of the best options is a lower body lift. In this guide, we will explain what a lower body lift is, who the best candidates for lower body lifts are, and what to expect during and after surgery.

What Is a Lower Body Lift?

A lower body lift is a procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the lower back and buttocks area. In many cases, a tummy tuck, which removes excess skin and fat from the front of the abdomen, and liposuction will be performed alongside a lower body lift. The overall goal of the procedure is to tighten the skin and muscles, cut away excess skin, and giving the patients a tauter, smoother profile.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Lower Body Lift?

Nearly all patients who would benefit from a lower body lift have lost a significant amount of weight. It’s the resulting excess skin around their thighs, buttocks, back, and abdomen that will be addressed with this procedure.

In order to qualify as a candidate for serious surgery like a lower body lift, candidates must be in good general health. You should be at a healthy weight, minus the excess weight caused by the extra skin. It’s also important to have balanced and reasonable expectations about the results of your surgery. Finally, smokers are at higher risk when it comes to surgery, so if you smoke, talk to Dr. Mohan about quitting before your procedure.

Types of Lower Body Lifts

Anesthesia is always administered with all body lifts. This will be the first step of any lower body lift. From there, what type of lower body lift you receive will depend on what you and Dr. Mohan discussed at your consultation appointment.

While some patients are simply looking to lift the buttocks and lower back area with their lower body lift, other patients also need to have a tummy tuck to excess skin on the stomach. And finally, some patients will have liposuction, a thigh lift, or another type of procedure performed at the same time. All of these factors will determine what type of lower body lift Dr. Mohan performs and where he puts the incisions.

The most common technique when it comes to lower body lifts is making two incisions around the circumference of the lower abdomen. The lines of the incisions are similar to the pattern that the top and bottom lines of a pair of bikini bottoms makes when they are worn.

From here, the doctor is able to remove an apron of fat and skin, then reposition the tissues beneath and tighten the skin. Finally, he will close up the incisions with skin clips, adhesives, or tapes.

Recovery After Surgery

While some cosmetic body surgeries allow the patient to return home directly after the procedure, Dr. Mohan likes to see his lower body lift patients stay overnight. An overnight stay ensures the comfort and safety of the patient. A personal nurse will be on standby to monitor the initial healing process and make sure that the patient has everything they need.

An overnight stay is also necessary because patients will have fluid drains beneath their bandages, collecting fluid from the surgical sites to avoid buildup and help cut down on swelling. These drains will eventually be removed at postoperative visits as the drainage amount reduces.

In the majority of cases, lower body lift patients are able to return to desk work and light daily activities approximately 14 days after their surgery. All strenuous activities, including heavy lifting, sports, and other movement and exercise need to be avoided for at least four weeks and sometimes up to six weeks or more. As you continue to meet with Dr. Mohan at your postoperative appointments, he will tell you when you can return to these activities.

When it comes to seeing results, you should notice that your body is slimmer and more contoured right away. Still, you’ll have a lot of swelling and a certain amount of stiffness and discomfort. With time, all of these symptoms will go away. As time progresses, you will notice more and more of the amazing results of your surgery. Completely final results, however, may not appear for up to one to two years.

Before and After Photos

Dr. Mohan always makes sure his patients are totally satisfied with the results of his surgeries, especially patients undergoing lower body lifts. To view additional images of lower body lifts, visit Dr. Mohan’s lower body lift photo gallery.

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Dr. Mohan is fellowship trained in aesthetic surgery and has an extensive background helping patients who have lost a significant amount of weight. His experience and expertise when it comes to lower body lifts is unmatched in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area.

Are you interested in learning more about the lower body lift procedure? Your consultation appointment will allow you to speak one-on-one with Dr. Mohan about your goals for surgery and ask any questions you may have about the procedure. To book a lower body lift consultation appointment with Dallas cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mohan, contact us today.


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