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When it feels like you’ve tried everything to get rid of stubborn body fat, Vaser high definition liposuction may be the answer you’ve been searching for. This innovative procedure melts away subcutaneous fat, and in doing so, showcases the underlying muscle. With more muscle definition and less fat cells, you’ll be feeling — and looking — slimmer and more confident in a matter of weeks.

Dr. Raj is proud to offer Vaser high definition liposuction to his Dallas patients.

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What Is Vaser Hi-Def Liposuction?

While traditional lipo relies on agitation and suction to remove unwanted fat, Vaser technology performs the same action more gently by emulsifying fat with ultrasound waves before it is removed. The result is less irritation and bleeding and an overall superior outcome.

In addition, the “hi-def” or “HD” element of this procedure means that your surgeon can get very close to your muscle fibers with their cannula, essentially removing fat that is just above the muscle, in order to define them more. The result here is a more defined musculature and an improved ability to contour your figure.

Vaser Liposuction Before and After

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High Definition Lipo Dallas

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Vaser Lipo Procedure

The Vaser lipo procedure is fairly straightforward. It is similar to traditional liposuction, but there is the addition of ultrasonic vibrations, which act to emulsify or liquefy fat before it is removed.

Once you arrive at the hospital or surgical facility where you will be undergoing elective cosmetic surgery, you will be prepped for surgery, then have a moment to speak with Dr. Mohan. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Dr. Mohan will likely make some markings on your body so that he can have reference points once he begins surgery.

Your hi-def Vaser liposuction procedure may require the use of local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the circumstances and your input. Once the anesthesia has been administered, Dr. Mohan will make several extremely small incisions around the target treatment area.

It is through these incisions that he will then insert a small probe, which will emit ultrasound energy to break down pockets of fatty tissue and emulsify them. Once the fat has been broken down and emulsified, it can more easily be removed with a cannula. Finally, once all of the necessary fat removal is gone, your incisions will be carefully closed up, and you will be taken to a recovery room.

Hi Def Liposuction Recovery

During high definition Vaser liposuction, Dr. Mohan will have to do very little agitation to ultimately suction out excess fat, which means that the surrounding tissue and blood vessels will hardly be touched or damaged. This translates to a much easier recovery and faster results.

During your recovery, it is normal to have swelling and bruising in the target treatment area. You’ll need to wear a compression garment over your treatment area for several weeks after surgery. This will help reduce swelling and keep the skin tightened around the new contours of your body. Ultimately, wearing your compression garments consistently and as directed will result in a better outcome.

Most patients are able to go back to work within one to two weeks after liposuction. The timing ultimately depends on how extensive your liposuction procedure is and whether or not you’re undergoing additional procedures, such as breast surgery or a tummy tuck.

It will take a bit longer before you can go back to exercise. Most patients are able to resume a relatively normal exercise routine at around the four-week mark post-surgery. As with all things medical, however, always consult directly with your surgeon and their team to know when you can go back to your normal routine as you do not want to complicate your recovery or compromise your results.

Vaser Liposuction in Dallas

HD Liposuction Risks

As with any type of surgery, there are always risks and the possibility for complications. With Vaser HD liposuction, most risks are related to the recovery phase, and these include things like the possibility of infection or excessive bleeding or bruising. Additional risks include anesthesia-related complications; physical damage to surrounding tissue, blood vessels, and nerves; and a small risk of pulmonary and cardiac complications.

In rare cases, patients may experience irregular contours, poorly healed incisions, or exaggerated scars. Do keep in mind, however, that Vaser HD liposuction is a commonly performed procedure and is overall safe and effective for most patients who have been cleared for the procedure.

Vaser Lipo 360

Certain patients who are interested in liposuction may be interested in removing fat from the entire circumference of their midsection. In this case, the patient would be undergoing Vaser lipo 360.

Vaser lipo 360 is a liposuction procedure that targets excess fat all the way around the abdomen. Keep in mind that the term “360 lipo” is generally seen as a marketing term, however. Therefore, there is no single definition of exactly where on the trunk you will get liposuction. All plastic surgeons have a slightly different take on what “360-degree liposuction” refers to specifically.

Generally speaking, however, if you undergo 360 liposuction, you’ll have fat removed from below the breasts down to the pubic bone area on the front of the abdomen, all along both sides of the abdomen, and down both sides of the back, including the flanks.

Vaser Liposuction Cost Dallas TX

Many factors will influence a patient’s Vaser high definition liposuction cost. Traditional liposuction starts at around the $4,000 mark, but this is only an estimate. Furthermore, Vaser high definition liposuction is a more complicated surgery that requires unique technology. Therefore, the costs tend to be higher for Vaser lipo than for traditional liposuction.

Ultimately, we recommend that you book a consultation appointment with Dr. Mohan to get an accurate cost estimate for your procedure. Dr. Mohan will be able to assess your anatomy, discuss your goals with you, and create a liposuction plan that fits your needs.

If you are unable to pay for your procedure out-of-pocket, many patients choose to finance their operation with a credit card or a financing company such as CareCredit.

Vaser Lipo Questions and Answers

How is Vaser high def lipo different from regular lipo?

Vaser high def lipo is a specific type of lipo that uses Vaser technology and a unique body sculpting technique to highlight a patient’s musculature. Vaser technology is superior to traditional liposuction technology because nearby tissue is not damaged, and this improves recovery and results. Swelling and bleeding are also reduced.

The high-definition portion of Vaser high def lipo is primarily meant for patients who do not have a tremendous amount of excess unwanted body fat and who are looking for a more athletic appearance in their results.

Is high definition lipo the same as Vaser lipo?

The term high definition lipo refers to the specific approach that a surgeon uses to remove fat and curate muscle definition — ultimately improving the patient’s overall contours.

The term Vaser is an acronym for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. This is a specific ultrasound assisted liposuction technology that removes fat using energy. The high definition liposuction process utilizes Vaser technology.

Is Vaser lipo better than normal lipo?

Most plastic surgeons agree that Vaser technology is the best for performing most types of liposuction. Patients recover faster with fewer side effects. The process itself is less damaging to surrounding tissue and blood vessels. Most patients feel they achieve superior results with Vaser lipo.

Is Vaser hi def the best type of liposuction?

It is generally agreed that Vaser HD liposuction takes the normal liposuction procedure one step further by helping to sculpt the patient’s body contours. Of course, there is also the added benefit of a more comfortable recovery process. Plastic surgeons also like that they don’t have to do as much physical labor to dislodge fat during the procedure. Finally, it’s easier to achieve more precise results with Vaser HD liposuction.

With that said, the best candidates for high-definition liposuction are those who want a “shredded” or athletic appearance once they’ve recovered. These patients usually don’t have a lot of fat to get rid of. They simply want to better feel and see their underlying musculature, which may be hidden by a layer of fat.
How will I feel 4 weeks after Vaser lipo treatment?

Around 4 weeks after Vaser lipo treatment, you should have no bruising or soreness and limited residual swelling. By this time, you should be back at work and may be able to start exercising again.

Can you Vaser lipo arms?

Yes, Vaser liposuction can be used on the arms.

How painful is Vaser lipo?

The majority of patients experience minimal pain and soreness after Vaser liposuction. This should only last for a few days to a week, and prescription pain relievers are usually not needed. No pain should be experienced during surgery as anesthetic will be used to keep you comfortable.

Where can I get Vaser liposuction near me?

Dr. Raja Mohan offers Vaser liposuction to his patients in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas.

Book Your Vaser Lipo Consultation

Your Vaser liposuction consultation is the first appointment you’ll have with Dr. Mohan. During your cosmetic surgery consultation, it’s important that you are candid about your medical history, lifestyle, and
overall health. We ask that you bring a list of any medications or supplements you are taking and information about past surgeries or health conditions, if relevant.

Undergoing Vaser lipo can be an exciting and anxious experience. Dr. Mohan and his team are here to answer any and all of your questions so that you feel totally comfortable as you move forward with surgery. Give Mohan Plastic Surgery Dallas a call at (469) 301-1725

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