The page you are about to view contains before and after images of actual patients of Dr. Raj Mohan. These images contain nudity.

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Rhinoplasty Patient #4

This is a young female who did not like the bump on her nose and her large, droopy tip.  She underwent an open rhinoplasty to address her concerns.  Now she has a nose that is more fitting to the frame of her face.  Her tip is smaller and rotated and the dorsum is straighter.  She […]

Rhinoplasty Patient #3

This is a young patient who states she never liked the appearance of her nose.  She desired a look that was more natural and had a better shape.  She underwent an open rhinoplasty in dallas.  This is a complicated procedure that involves reshaping and repositioning the bones and cartilage in order to modify the appearance […]

Rhinoplasty Patient #2

This is young patient who felt her nose was too big and wide for her face and desired a more feminine look. She also wanted a result that maintained her ethnic heritage. She underwent an open rhinoplasty and the main goals of the procedure were to straighten her bones and raise her tip for a […]

Rhinoplasty Patient #1

This is a young patient with a history of primary (closed) rhinoplasty. She desired a revision rhinoplasty because she still had difficulty breathing and felt her nose was crooked. Through an open rhinoplasty approach, her deviated septum was corrected; her nose was straightened; and the dorsal hump was taken down. Revision rhinoplasty is one of […]

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