The page you are about to view contains before and after images of actual patients of Dr. Raj Mohan. These images contain nudity.

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Mommy Makeover Patient #3

This is a patient in her 30s who had multiple pregnancies and stated she had a very strict diet and exercise regimen to get her body back to where it was before her pregnancies. She stated after all of her hard work, she still had loose skin in her abdomen and her breasts were sagging. […]

Mommy Makeover Patient #2

This 35-year-old mom wanted to improve the appearance of her abdomen and breasts. She felt her breasts were too large and she desired a reduction.  She also wanted loose skin removed from her abdomen. A mommy makeover means combining multiple procedures to improve different parts of the body that were changed after pregnancy. Her abdomen is […]

Mommy Makeover Patient #1

This 40-year-old female wanted to improve the appearance of her abdomen and breasts after having kids to look her best for her upcoming wedding. She underwent liposuction of the abdomen and flanks to show more definition, tummy tuck to remove extra skin along with tightening of her muscles, and a breast augmentation using a 350cc […]

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