Is Breast Augmentation Painful?

Is Breast Augmentation Painful

Does a breast augmentation hurt?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the United States today. But one thing holds many women back from moving forward with this highly sought-after procedure, and that’s the idea that the surgery might be painful.

In fact, one of the first things prospective breast augmentation patients ask when they come in for their consultation appointment is: Is breast augmentation painful? And we certainly understand why.

After all, no one wants to experience severe discomfort after an elective surgery that is supposed to bring them joy and increase their self-confidence.

The good news is that plastic surgeon Dr. Raj has several unique techniques he uses to minimize any discomfort after breast augmentation surgery. With his skill and experience, Dr. Raj helps patients experience less pain and recover more quickly so that they can begin enjoying their breast augmentation results as soon as possible.

Does Breast Augmentation Cause Pain?

Let’s get down to brass tacks: Does Breast Implant surgery hurt? And if so, how painful is it?

The quick answer is: It’s not as painful and uncomfortable as most people think.

Still, there is always going to be a certain level of discomfort with any invasive surgery. As a side note, an “invasive surgery” can be defined as one that “invades” the body — usually with at least one incision. 

Breast Implants do indeed require incisions, although they are small. The muscles, fat, and tissues in the chest will be agitated and irritated weeks after surgery as well, which will lead to inflammation, swelling, and bruising. 

The good news is that all of these symptoms are perfectly normal after breast augmentation. These are signs that your body is reacting positively to the procedure and is healing itself.

What does a breast augmentation feel like?

In terms of specific sensations after breast surgery, this is a difficult question to answer because everyone has a different pain tolerance. Likewise, not every surgery will be the same. Some patients with larger implants, for example, may experience different sensations and discomfort levels than other patients with smaller implants.

In general, however, most patients describe the discomfort after surgery as “soreness”. You may feel this soreness as more intense in certain areas, but generally speaking, most patients say that they feel it all over the breast area.

A lot of patients feel tightness in their breasts and chest area as well. You may feel stretching or pulling because of how tight it feels. The breasts may appear and feel firm to the touch. This firmness should soften up with time, and the tightness will dissipate too.

Finally, shooting sensations are also normal after surgery. In fact, these are quite common. They may even continue intermittently for a few months after surgery. However, if you are still having sharp shooting pains in your breasts four to six months out from surgery, talk to your surgeon.

How long after breast surgery is the breast augmentation pain?

The majority of your pain is going to take place in the first three days after surgery. After that, you should notice a marked improvement in how much pain you feel. As each day passes, you should continue to feel better and better.

A note on potential breast augmentation risks: Please take note that if you ever feel severe, sharp pain in either or both of your breasts after breast augmentation surgery, you should contact your surgeon right away to ensure that your breasts are healing well. Sharp, severe pain — especially pain that does not go away — may be a warning sign. 

Likewise, other warning signs after breast augmentation include an intense burning sensation in or near the breasts, inflamed redness that doesn’t go away, and breasts that feel and appear deflated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How painful is breast augmentationIs breast augmentation a major surgery?

Yes. Breast augmentation is a major surgery. We regard it as a major “invasive surgery”, which means it requires incisions. Because it requires incisions, that means it also requires anesthesia. Usually, with breast augmentation surgery, either general anesthesia or an IV sedation with local anesthetic are used. 

How painful is breast augmentation under the muscle?

In some cases, if your surgeon opts to put your breast implants underneath your muscle during augmentation surgery, the breast augmentation recovery period can be slightly more painful. This is because an incision will need to be made in the muscle in addition to being made in the breast tissue itself. 

While implant placement under the muscle may be more uncomfortable during the recovery period, many surgeons believe that this surgical technique gives a more natural appearance to the breasts after healing. This tends to be truest for patients who do not have a lot of breast tissue to begin with (those with small breasts).

When does the pain stop after breast augmentation?

Pain after breast augmentation will be most intense during the first three days after your surgery. From there, it should get progressively better with each passing day. After about one month, most of your pain should be gone. 

Remember that if you experience continuous sharp pain after breast augmentation, you should contact your surgeon right away. 

What do I do if my breast implants hurt when I sleep?

If your breasts hurt when you sleep, be sure you are sleeping in the correct position. Lay on your back with your upper body slightly elevated. Some post-surgery discomfort is normal while you sleep, especially at the beginning of your recovery. If it persists, contact your surgeon.

How painful is it after breast implant surgery?

You might experience soreness for a period of 2 to 3 weeks, accompanied by noticeable swelling. You could also encounter sensations of pulling or stretching in your breast area. As each day passes, you can anticipate an improvement in your overall well-being and strength, although there may be a need for pain relief medication for a week or two. It’s also common to feel increased fatigue or reduced energy compared to your usual levels.

Do they give you pain meds after breast augmentation surgery?

The postoperative discomfort resulting from breast augmentation can be effectively controlled by a combination of narcotic pain medication and diligent postoperative care. During the initial days of recovery, most patients will typically need pain medication to ensure comfortable rest.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation in Dallas

Is the idea that breast augmentation surgery might be painful holding you back from seeking more information about this procedure?

If you’re interested in learning more about breast augmentation in Dallas, remember that information is always power. Even if you decide that breast implant surgery is not for you, it never hurts to learn more by booking a consultation with Dr. Raja Mohan

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