Our Top Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Breast Augmentation Recovery

The breast augmentation recovery process can make many patients undergoing this surgery fretful.

The idea of being in any sort of pain or discomfort is certainly not an agreeable one. Patients often bring up worries about how they’ll get around, take care of daily tasks, and when they’ll be able to exercise and go to work again. It can be uncomfortable to think that the way you sleep, bathe, and do other routine activities will need to change — even if it’s only temporary.

But we’re here to share some good news: On the whole, breast augmentation recovery day by day is typically very manageable for patients.

While some discomfort and soreness is normal — and yes, your daily routine will be slightly disrupted for a while — the vast majority of patients find that the recovery process isn’t as bad as they were concerned it would be.

Moreover, when you’re prepared, that’s often more than half the battle.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips: What to Do Ahead of Time

Enlist Help at Home

Not only will you need to ask a close friend or relative you can trust to accompany you from the hospital or surgical facility, but you may also want to ask for help at home.

Someone who can come by at least once a day to help with daily chores and errands can be extremely helpful. You’ll also need assistance if you have children and/or pets to take care of.

Prepare Dump Meals

Before you undergo surgery, think about preparing some “dump” meals that you can store in the freezer. These should be easy, healthful meals that you can put in a crockpot with minimal need for prep. Eating healthy after surgery will be important, but you may have limited arm mobility.

Gather Some Entertainment

Set up a cozy entertainment hub with books, movies, and TV shows that are within easy reach. Keeping your mind engaged while you rest can help the time pass and boost your mood.

Consider Enhancing Your Environment

You’ll be at home resting and recovering for at least a few days, so consider making your environment more warm and inviting. You may consider purchasing a new cozy blanket, using essential oils scents like lavender or chamomile, or even altering your decor just for a change of pace.

Set Up Voice Commands on Your Devices

Voice-activated assistants like Alexa or Siri can help you control lights, temperature, and entertainment without unnecessary movement.

Prepare a Recovery Wardrobe

Stock up on zip- or button-up tops to avoid the hassle of pulling clothing over your head. Not only is this uncomfortable after surgery, but the movement may potentially disturb your breast augmentation incisions.

Invest in Helpful Recovery Items

Consider purchasing one or more supportive bras designed for the breast augmentation recovery period. These can help minimize movement and discomfort. Likewise, wedge pillows can help with sleep and reclining comfort.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips: How to Manage While in Recovery

Follow All Medical Instructions

Breast Lift And Augmentation RecoveryAdhere to your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions meticulously. This means refraining from vigorous exercise and heavy lifting as advised by your surgeon. They will tell you when you can go back to your normal activities and exercise.

You must also keep your incisions and surgical tape clean and dry and follow the recommended incision site care routine. Eat a healthy diet, and avoid smoking and alcohol.

Likely, your surgeon will prescribe pain medication. Take this pain medication as directed, and when you can, switch to OTC meds.

Get Plenty of Rest and Sleep

Ensure you get adequate rest and sleep to promote proper healing of the breast tissue. Most patients will need to sleep on their backs with their chests slightly elevated during breast implant recovery.

During daytime rest, you might opt for a recliner or propped up pillows on the couch. At night, an adjustable bed can be extremely helpful.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to aid the recovery process. Perhaps counterintuitively, drinking more water will flush out excess fluids.

Stay in Touch with Your Surgeon

Maintain open communication with your surgeon after your breast augmentation procedure. Be sure to report any unusual symptoms such as signs of infection or an implant rupture or the development of painful scar tissue or excessive bleeding right away. Breast augmentation scars should eventually fade as time goes by.

Start Moving When Cleared to Do So

When cleared by your surgeon, start taking short, gentle walks to boost your circulation. Practice simple arm exercises recommended by your surgeon to maintain mobility and reduce stiffness.

Stay Positive and Forward-Moving

Create and repeat positive affirmations to boost your confidence and mental well-being during the recovery journey. Focus on the future, and track your progress.

FAQ: Breast Augmentation Recovery

What is the breast lift and augmentation recovery process like?

If you undergo a breast lift and breast augmentation at once, the recovery process typically involves some discomfort, swelling, and restrictions on strenuous physical activity. Most patients can return to light activities within a week, but full recovery may take a few months.

What are the worst days of breast augmentation recovery?

The initial two to three days are usually the most challenging due to post-operative discomfort and swelling. However, your symptoms will gradually improve with each passing day.

How many days off do you need after breast augmentation?

Most patients take about one week off from work. But this may vary depending on the type of work you do and individual recovery rates. As always, follow your surgeon’s recommendations.

When does swelling go away after breast augmentation?

In terms of swelling day by day breast augmentation recovery will improve. Still, you can expect swelling to persist for at least a few months. Most will subside within the first few weeks, but you may have residual swelling for up to six months or more depending on the extent of your surgery.

What not to do right after breast augmentation?

After your breast implant surgery, avoid heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, and activities that strain the chest muscles for several weeks. Also, refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption, and closely follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions.

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Swelling Day By Day Breast Augmentation RecoveryBreast augmentation surgery with breast implants can give you the figure you’ve always wanted. But, of course, patients must play their own part in making their dreams a reality.

The recovery process is nearly important as the surgery itself when it comes to your outcome. So, of course we want to ensure you’re prepared so that you understand any breast augmentation risks and everything you need to know about ensuring a successful recovery.

Whether you still have questions about recovery from breast augmentation or you’re sure you’re ready to embark on this journey, we invite you to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Raja Mohan.

Dr. Mohan will sit down with you to discuss your breast surgery goals in detail. Together, you can create a breast augmentation recovery timeline to be sure you are prepared for this crucial period. Call today to set up your appointment.



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