Do You want Big Breast Implants or Not?

Big Breast Implants

In recent years, big breast implants and butt implants have been growing in popularity in cosmetic surgery. Also, the Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer has been a popular procedure.

The trend in the past has been for oversized breasts and rear that made it obvious the person had plastic surgery. But more recently, the movement is towards more subtle enhancements of the chest and bottom.

Below is more information about this trend in breast augmentation and butt implants.

Breast Augmentation

Large breast implants don’t always mean better. More women realize the advantages of smaller implants. Below are some of the benefits if you opt for a more subtle enhancement:

More Natural and Longer Lasting

Too big breast implantsBreast augmentation surgery involves changing your appearance today and for years in the future. During that 10 or 20 years, your tastes can evolve. Large breast implants were popular a decade ago, but many patients who went big back then are trading them in for smaller breast implants today. Why?

Today’s tastes are for a more natural appearance versus one that is obvious that you had breast augmentation. Smaller implants are a perfect way to have a larger chest without making it too obvious. Also, you’ll have less sagging and can keep a firm, natural look without needing more surgery.

Easier Workouts

Staying active is the way to maintain your health and looking younger. But it’s also a significant reason why some women are choosing smaller implants. You can still work out with a large chest, but it’s more complicated. A supportive bra can only do so much.

Smaller implants tend to stay where they belong during vigorous exercise and can still enhance your silhouette.

Less Risk

Capsular contracture is one of the most significant risks for women who have breast augmentation surgery. This happens when the scar capsule that the body builds around the implant contracts and squeezes the silicone or saline implant. If this happens, you may need to have the implant replaced.

Women with bigger implants have a higher risk of this problem. Also, smaller implants have a lower risk of sagging as you age. With smaller implants, you have less scarring and stretchmarks, too.

Easier Recovery

Whatever size implants you choose, expect to stay at home for about 10 days after surgery. But women with smaller enhancements usually recover faster than women with big implants. This is primarily because of the implant size; a smaller implant means your body undergoes less trauma.

The smaller size also reduces the chances of tissue being torn during the implant procedure. For post-surgery patients, these differences mean less recovery time and more time loving your new appearance.

Exploring Extra Large (XL) Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation isn’t one-size-fits-all. Some women opt for modest implants, while others desire a larger size breast implants. If you’re considering big implants, selecting a skilled and trained surgeon is crucial.
XL breast augmentation involves choosing implants larger than your natural measurements, ranging from 700 cc to over 1500 cc.

Extra Large (XL) Breast Implants Surgery

Achieving extra large breast implants often involves multiple procedures to accommodate the maximum size. Starting with a smaller implant allows for proper breast pocket and skin formation, making it possible to later accommodate larger implants. XL breast come in both silicone and saline options. Opting for saline implants can result in a fuller and larger breast appearance.

Large breast implant surgery Recovery

Procedures involving large implants typically require more time and may result in increased post-surgical discomfort compared to natural breast augmentation. Plastic surgeon expertise is vital for a smooth implant recovery and to prevent any post-surgery complications.

Larger breast implant risks

While larger implants can complement your body contour, they may bring side effects, including shoulder, neck, and back discomfort, along with skin stretching and stretch marks. Should you choose to downsize later, a breast lift might be necessary to address excess skin and breast tissue.

XL Breast Augmentation Surgery

Surgery for XL breast implants is typically conducted with general anesthesia, and patients can typically return home on the same day. Drains may or may not be required. Moreover, addressing breast asymmetry may involve using different-sized implants to address the size difference.

It’s advisable to have a conversation with your surgeon regarding the timeline for returning to work and resuming workouts.

Questions and Answers

What extra large implants look natural?

Consider Gummy Bear Implants as an advanced version of silicone implants. Crafted from resilient gel, they maintain shape and offer various sizes and shapes for your desired look, resulting in a remarkably natural appearance.

How much are extra large implants?

Silicone implants are favored for their natural texture and are a top choice for those desiring a subtle enhancement. Typically, silicone implants come at a higher implant cost compared to saline, with the procedure averaging between $4,500 and $10,000.

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