When Can I Sit After BBL Surgery without pillow support?

Sitting after bbl myth

For the longest time, it was impossible to significantly change the size and shape of your buttocks without implants. Men and women worked tirelessly in the gym to emphasize their “glutes” and create a bigger, rounder behind. But for the most part, only partial changes could be made through exercise. Furthermore, when people lost body fat, hoping for an improved silhouette in the recovery process, they were often rewarded with a loss of fat from the buttock area … not exactly the ideal result.

Then, along came the Brazilian butt lift or BBL for short plastic surgery. This surgery accomplished the impossible. In effect, it was able to enhance the size (and sometimes alter the shape) of the buttocks without the need for implants.

Dr. Raja Mohan is a leading plastic surgeon in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area. He performs Brazilian butt lift surgery for patients who are looking to increase the size of their buttocks and/or change the shape of their rear end and hips.

Getting Brazilian butt lift surgery isn’t for everyone. But it is certainly growing in popularity, and it can be a highly effective and transformative procedure for many individuals. Learning more about the procedure before fully committing to it is always a good idea.


You will experience a variety of symptoms after your Brazilian butt lift, one of which will be some level of pain and discomfort.

This discomfort will be concentrated around the buttocks area, but you may also have some soreness near the sites where you had liposuction to remove excess fat. Swelling and bruising are also normal symptoms in these areas.

Initially, right after you get out of surgery, you may also have some numbness left over from the procedure itself. As this dissipates, you’ll feel the soreness set in. Fortunately, this can be mitigated with pain medications and other pain management tools. Speak to Dr. Raja Mohan if you have questions about your options.

Dr. Raj Plastic Surgeon Dallas - How long after bbl can I sit without pillow


Some patients may ask, “Is avoiding sitting after BBL a myth?” No, it is not. In fact, it is true that you should not sit on your bottom after a BBL for at least six weeks.

The reason for this is that the Brazilian butt lift procedure relies on fat grafting. That is, fat is taken from one place on the body (harvested) and replaced on and around the buttocks and hips area (grafted).

This new placement won’t work to enhance the appearance of the buttocks and hips, however, if the grafted fat does not survive. And one thing that can lead to grafted fat loss is pressure. Putting too much pressure on the buttocks where the new fat grafts are — even the subtle pressure required to sit or lie down on your back — can actually inhibit the establishment of the “new fat”.

Ultimately, this can ruin your BBL results.

Patients often have a difficult time with this, and it’s understandable. After all, we all sit! And many of us prefer to sleep on our backs at night as well — another position that will have to be avoided.

To help you last the required six weeks without sitting on your buttocks, we recommend purchasing a BBL pillow to sit on. You might also purchase a BBL chair or chaise. These devices help to offset the pressure so that you can still “sit” or “lay” on your bottom, but a hole in the device where your buttocks should go will alleviate the pressure.

Some patients have had luck using “Boppy” nursing pillows (or similar) in the same way.

Of course, now you may be wondering, “How long after BBL can I sit without pillow support?”


Patients are often aching to sit on their bottoms like normal a few weeks after BBL surgery. So, they want to know how long they’ll need to continue using pillow support if and when they sit.

Generally speaking, we ask that patients wait approximately six weeks before they go back to sitting directly on their buttocks or laying flat on their backs when they sleep.

During these six weeks, patients can sleep on their sides. And when they need to sit in a chair or on the couch, for example, they can use C-shaped nursing pillows or a BBL pillow or BBL chair.

FAQ: Brazilian butt lift RECOVERY

When can I sleep on my back after BBL surgery?

You should wait several the first few weeks before sleeping on your back after BBL surgery. Most patients will need to wait at least six weeks.

How soon after BBL can I go on vacation?

You should wait for a full recovery before going on vacation after BBL surgery. This time period will be different for everyone, but we generally state that it will be around two weeks three months before you see your final BBL results.

How long does it take fat cells to grow after BBL surgery?

This healing process depends on the patient’s health and anatomy, how much fat was transferred, and several other factors. Most patients will need to wait at least six weeks (until the newly transferred fat cells have fully established themselves) before they can sit on their bottoms as usual.

Can I sit 6 weeks after BBL surgery?

Yes, you should be able to sit on your bottom about six weeks after BBL surgery. The fat cells should have settled so putting pressure on the buttocks is fine.

Can I sit on the couch after a BBL?

Regular sitting is typically possible 6 weeks post BBL. In some cases, sitting may be allowed at 3-4 weeks, but many surgeons recommend waiting the full 6 weeks.

Is it OK to sit 5 weeks after Brazilian butt lift?

Following a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), refrain from sitting on your buttocks for at least six weeks, or as per your surgeon’s guidance. This protects the newly transferred fat cells, aiding their healing and proper integration.


If you’ve always wanted to enhance your silhouette with a gorgeous hourglass figure, by far the best way to do this is with a Brazilian butt lift. The surgery itself is straightforward and ultimately one of the most rewarding cosmetic procedures available.

If you still have plastic surgery questions like How Long After BBL Can I Sit Without Pillow?, we invite you to schedule a brazilian butt lift consultation with Dr. Raj at your earliest convenience.



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