Should I Get a BBL : 8 Things to Know Before


Should I get a BBL

Cosmetic surgeries to improve the rear are getting more prevalent; The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that butt lifts and butt implant surgeries increased by 20% from 2015-16.

One of the best-known butt enhancement options is the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) Dallas. But before you choose this procedure, it’s essential to know everything about it so you can make an informed decision. Below is necessary information to learn Should I get a BBL.


Many patients don’t know that a BBL is a two-part procedure. First, your plastic surgeon performs liposuction on another body part. The common areas to remove fat for your BBL are the stomach, waist, and back. In thinner patients, fat can be extracted from the inner thighs and arms.

To do the liposuction, your surgeon will make small incisions where he inserts cannulas. Excess fat cells are sucked out of fat tissue and put in a sterile container. The fat cells are cleaned and processed, and injected in precise locations in your buttocks to produce the desired shape.

An added benefit of a Brazilian butt lift is that you can enhance the appearance of other body parts by having the liposuction procedure.


Natural BBL resultsA Brazilian butt lift uses your body’s fat cells to provide a larger, rounder rear so that the procedure can produce excellent, natural BBL Results. Using your body’s excess fat cells allows your results to move and feel as your natural tissues would.

This is one of the significant advantages over using butt implants because that procedure involves inserting silicone implants under the natural tissues, which can produce an unnatural look.


Despite what some believe, getting a butt lift doesn’t always mean you will have a large bottom. Most women who want the procedure want a slight increase in size and a more symmetrical shape. When you use an experienced plastic surgeon, you can achieve both goals very effectively.

Your BBL also may improve the look of cellulite, but this isn’t guaranteed.


A BBL candidate indeed needs to have some extra fat to do the procedure. But almost everyone has some stubborn fat cells in their love handles, stomach, and back. Because of this fat cell, even thin people can get a BBL and enjoy excellent results.

No matter what type of body you have, your plastic surgeon should be able to develop a surgical plan that accounts for your body’s proportions to create an ideal shape without appearing ‘fake.’


Staying active and fit, such as doing squats, will help tone and shape your rear, no amount of exercise or weightlifting will provide the results that a butt lift will. This is especially the case for women who want a significant increase in volume. It cannot be achieved with exercise lose weight, by itself.

But you should have realistic views of what you want the final results to be and how they’ll meld with your lifestyle. You can talk about these things with your surgeon.


BBLs and tummy tucks are popular procedures, but it’s best to do these procedures separately because of their locations. During your butt lift recovery, you’ll need to sleep on your stomach or side as much as you can. You will be too sore to do any sleeping or sitting on your rear.

On the other hand, a tummy tuck procedure is done on your abdomen, so your plastic surgery recovery will be mostly on your back or sitting down. So doing these procedures at the same time usually doesn’t work well. But talk to your plastic surgeon about the best timeline for having these two procedures.


You’ll probably be excited to see your butt after the surgery, but keep in mind it won’t all happen at once. You could see a different shape immediately after the surgery. But it may take several weeks for the final results to appear. Once the swelling is gone, you should be delighted with your new look.

Remember that best results come if you sit on your rear as little as possible during the first month of your recovery. Also, avoid strenuous exercise until your surgeon says it’s ok.


Your first BBL surgery usually is an outpatient procedure. So, you should be able to go home the same day. Most butt lifts take from one to four hours, depending on the work needed and the results you want.

As you’ll be returning home the same day, you should have a few things prepared, so your transition is easy. Have a nice, relaxing recovery area and have plenty of blankets, soft pillows, books, and movies.

You also will want to have plenty of groceries around, so you don’t need to worry about going out for the first few days of your recovery.

Questions and Answers

Natural BBLIs it worth it to do BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift outcomes that appear and feel natural to the individual is a hallmark of BBL. Yet, substantial risks accompany the procedure.

What are the cons of getting a BBL?

Some of the cons of Brazilian butt lift is the potential non-absorption of grafted fat in the buttocks. Some injected fat is naturally absorbed. Additional procedures might be necessary. Surgeons may introduce extra fat initially to reduce this risk.

Why not to get a BBL?

Brazilian butt lift surgeries can pose severe dangers like blood clots, heart issues, and fat embolism. Transferred fat can block lungs. Despite aesthetic benefits, risks outweigh rewards.

What is the differences of Brazilian butt lift vs butt implants?

BBL offers flexibility in altering buttock shape and size, enhancing body proportion using you excess body fat. In contrast, pre-shaped butt implants of varying sizes ensure predictable outcomes and precise control over the final contour.

What is gluteal fat grafting?

Fat grafting in buttock augmentation enhances and contours the buttocks uniquely, surpassing silicone implants. This includes achieving trendy waist-to-hip ratios with exceptional precision.


Once you’re ready to take the next step and book your plastic surgery consultation, there’s no turning back. The results you’ve dreamed of are within your grasp. Stop delaying, and schedule a Brazilian butt lift consultation appointment with plastic surgeon Dr. Raja Mohan in Dallas today.

You won’t regret your decision!


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