What to Look for in Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Pictures

What To Look For In Brazilian Butt Lift Before And After Pictures

The stunning results seen in Brazilian butt lift before and after photos show just how different this procedure can make your body look. Taking fat from around the abdomen creates a beautifully slender waistline. When paired with the added roundness and volume in the buttocks and hips, patients can achieve an entirely new silhouette — all with just one simple surgery.

As you look through Brazilian butt lift surgery before and after photos, however, be sure that you know what to look for in terms of accuracy of documentation, quality of results, and relevancy to your situation. You want to find a plastic surgeon who is adept at performing this surgery and one who can uniquely target your major trouble areas and achieve your specific goals.

How to Look at Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Pictures

Before and after Brazilian butt lift galleries are present on most plastic surgeons’ websites if they perform this procedure (not all surgeons do).

One of the first things to do as you look through these photos is to see the range of work the surgeon has done. You want to see multiple before and after photo sets with a range of different types of male female patients.

Ideally, you can find someone who looks like you (similar height, skin type, build, etc.) in their before pictures. This may help you to better visualize your own BBL procedure results.

As you look at the pictures filter cases by type of surgery. There are different variations of fat grafting surgery, and you want to be sure that you’re looking at patients who have specifically had the Brazilian butt lift procedure instead of a tummy tuck with breast fat grafting or liposuction only, for example. Watch out for patients who have had an entire mommy makeover (with BBL) because their results may look more extreme than what can be achieved with a BBL alone.

As far as results, make sure you like what you see! For most BBL patients, the goal is to create a more attractive figure overall, and the waist to hip ratio is key in achieving this.

Ultimately, after a BBL, the waist should be smaller, and the hips and buttocks should be larger. You want to see evenness in the appearance of the hips and buttocks after surgery, and you also want to see a nice transition from the waist line to the hips. Although some BBL patients may be specifically looking for extreme results, most patients want natural looking results, so look for this as well.

Finally, remember that post op pictures should be taken from the same angle as the pre op pictures, with the same lighting and patient positioning. The buttocks should be easy to see from multiple angles. Keeping these things consistent will help you better evaluate the patients.

FAQ: Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

When can I sit after BBL surgery?

This depends on the situation and tends to be a contested question among some plastic surgeons. The consensus is that not putting too much prolonged pressure on the buttocks after BBL surgery is best so that the newly transferred fat cells will survive.

For at least the first few weeks, patients should purchase a BBL pillow or a soft memory foam pillow for times when they do need to sit. Some patients, especially those who have large amounts of fat transfer to buttocks done, may need to refrain from prolonged sitting for longer than this. For these patients, laying on your stomach when possible may be recommended.

Why is BBL so dangerous?

A 2017 study showed that 1 in 3000 BBLs resulted in death. This is why many people falsely assume that BBL surgery is dangerous.

In actuality, this study was flawed in more ways than one, and these numbers have been proven to be inaccurate. A more recent and more accurately performed study in 2019 has shown that the risk of death from a BBL is closer to 1 in 15,000.

How long does a Brazilian butt lift last?

Patients can maintain their BBL results for many years as long as they continue to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain their weight. Drastic fluctuations in weight can lead to changes in body fat composition, which may alter your Brazilian butt lift results.

How much does it cost to get a BBL?

BBL cost ranges depend on many influencing factors. You must look at where (geographically) you undergo surgery, who your surgeon is, what type of anesthesia you need and who your anesthesiologist is, the extent of the liposuction and fat transferring required for your procedure, pre-surgery screening, post-surgery medications and supplies, and several other factors.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Before And After PicturesWhen searching for the right plastic surgeon to perform your BBL, Brazilian butt lift before and after pics are only the start. Certainly, it’s important to find a surgeon who has extensive experience performing BBL surgery. But it’s also critical that you choose a licensed and board certified plastic surgeon — and in particular, someone you feel compatible and comfortable with.

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