How Soon Can I Have a Mommy Makeover After Pregnancy?

Mommy Makeover After Pregnancy

Mommy makeover after pregnancy is a combination surgery that can help give women a boost of confidence after having children. But how soon after having a baby can patients get mommy makeovers?

In the following article, we’ll discuss when is a good time to consider a mommy makeover and reclaim your pre-baby body. But first, let’s go over what this procedure is.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

The first thing to know is that every woman’s surgery will be different. It is a procedure that is customized to the individual.

Overall, a mommy makeover is a collection of cosmetic procedures, all of which have the aim of helping a woman reclaim the more youthful, perky body she had before she had children. Or, for some mothers, a mommy makeover may help her achieve the body she’s always wanted but never had.

Mommy makeovers typically include any combination of the following procedures:

Again, however, all surgeries are different. For example, some women may be interested in a breast reduction as opposed to a breast augmentation or breast lift. Ultimately, the procedure is catered to the individual.

Is the Best Time to Get a Mommy Makeover after pregnancy?

When it comes to timing, there are several considerations that must be made.

First, it’s a good idea to know whether you are done having children or not. While it is not necessarily unsafe to have cosmetic surgery and then get pregnant afterward, your results may suffer in the event of pregnancy after mommy makeover. That’s because the body will naturally expand and change with pregnancy, and these changes could upend or alter the improvements you achieved with plastic surgery. 

For this reason, it’s best to be finished having children before getting a mommy makeover.

Next, it’s important for women to wait long enough after having their last baby before getting mommy makeover procedures. Generally speaking, you should wait at least six months after the birth of your last child before undergoing this plastic surgery. A tummy tuck is a procedure focused on your abdomen, due to the sensitive nature of the tummy tuck after the body has gone through such drastic change during pregnancy it is important to carefully consider when you undergo a mommy makeover surgery.

Some patients may want to wait a year or more, however. The goal is to be fully healed and in good health after the birthing experience. Whether you are opting for a tummy tuck, a breast lift or even a mini tummy tuck, this is important. This timeframe may be different for everyone, however, so the best way to know is to book a mommy makeover consultation appointment and speak directly with your surgeon and ask the about cost, mommy makeover recovery and any other questions you might have.

Breastfeeding and Mommy Makeover

If you are breastfeeding or pumping your milk for bottle feeding, this is something else to consider. 

Some surgeons recommend you wait at least six weeks after finishing breastfeeding to have mommy makeover surgery. But again, everyone’s different. Speak with Dr. Raj directly to get an idea of when you can start considering a mommy makeover procedure after breastfeeding.

Even if you pump part-time or exclusively pump your breast milk, this can impact your ability to have a mommy makeover too. Again, talk with Dr. Raj to know when you can start considering surgery after you finish pumping your breastmilk.

Motherhood and Mommy Makeover after Pregnancy

Another consideration to make is how old your current children are. If you plan to get a mommy makeover after pregnancy, it’s important to lineup childcare for at least a few weeks after your surgery. 

For one thing, you won’t be able to lift anything heavy after your surgery, and this includes your children. The healing area near your abdominal muscles is tender and sensitive during your mommy makeover recovery. If you have small infants or toddlers that need to be listed for bedtime and diaper changes, therefore, you’ll need to make sure someone is on-hand to do this for you during your recovery period.

Likewise, even if your children are older toddlers or small kids, you won’t be able to chase them around and help them get dressed or get in and out of the car very well for at least a few weeks. Again, make sure you have a spouse, partner, friend, family member, or someone else who can help you with these responsibilities after your surgery.

How Does Motherhood Impact the Body?

Pregnancy After Mommy MakeoverAnyone who’s had a baby knows that the body changes significantly with pregnancy and childbirth. Everyone knows about the baby weight that comes with pregnancy. 

The pregnancy period alone alters your body in ways you would never imagine before having children. Even if you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, massive changes occur.  Naturally, the abdomen is most affected. The abdominal muscles end up with extra fat that wasn’t there before. The excess skin on your stomach is stretched out, and stretch marks may appear. Depending on the elasticity of your skin, your stomach may never regain its slimmer size. Instead, after having your child, the excess skin may remain slack and stretched out.

Even on your head, your hair grows thicker (then falls out later after childbirth). And your feet can grow during pregnancy too. Sometimes, they never go back to their original size.

Of course, the breasts are significantly affected by pregnancy and the early infancy period. First, they grow significantly larger during pregnancy. And, of course, for mothers who breastfeed or pump their breast milk for their baby, their breasts will grow larger immediately following birth too. Then, every time the baby drinks, the breasts will “shrink” back down, causing a repeated stretching and relaxation of the skin, which can ultimately result in droopy, sagging breasts. 

What if I Get Pregnant After a Mommy Makeover?

Many mothers who are considering getting mommy makeovers are worried about the possibility of thinking they are done having kids but wanting more babies down the line. There’s also the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy.

In the end, the best advice is to know you are done having kids before getting a mommy makeover. With that said, generally speaking, there is no immediate medical danger in having this plastic surgery after pregnancy. The reason plastic surgeons recommend against it is simply that your liposuction, tummy tuck, breast surgery, or other results may suffer.

Schedule Your Texas Mommy Makeover Near Me Consultation Today

If you are done having children and breastfeeding and you’re looking for a way to reclaim your figure and feel more youthful, consider putting a little bounce in your step with a mommy makeover. A vast number of women have boosted their self-confidence and reclaimed their pre-baby vibrancy with this comprehensive, whole body procedure.

Contact our office today to learn more about mommy makeover cost  and book your mommy makeover consultation today to learn about mommy makeover recovery time.  Dr. Raj is the best mommy makeover surgeon in USA.



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