Chin Liposuction Recovery Day by Day

Chin Liposuction Recovery Day By Day

As soon as a patient schedules their date for chin liposuction (submental liposuction), like clockwork, their next question is: “What is chin liposuction recovery like?”

And that’s good! It means you’re looking ahead and getting ready to prepare your heart, head, and home for the work of healing. Your procedure itself is the first crucial part of getting your new chin, but your chin lipo recovery time will be an equally important part of the process.

Fortunately, recovery from chin liposuction is not typically long or arduous. Soreness usually lasts for only a few days, and you should be back to your normal routine in less than a week (with a few exceptions).

While this is probably good news to you, it doesn’t quite answer all of your questions about chin liposuction recovery, does it? So, here’s a better idea: Let’s take a brief look at what you can expect from your chin liposuction recovery day by day.

Day by Day Chin Lipo Recovery

Recovery Chin LiposuctionThe typical recovery time for chin liposuction is around three to four weeks. Your incisions should be healed by then, you’ll be back at work with minimal swelling and no bruising, and you’ll have resumed most of your usual activities. 

Now, let’s breast down the chin liposuction recovery process day by day:

Chin Lipo Recovery Day 1

Swelling is probably the most noticeable symptom you’ll have immediately after chin lipo. Swelling after surgery is completely normal and to be expected. You will also have some slight discomfort and bruising. Be sure to wear your compression headwrap as Dr. Mohan advises you to, and take it easy! 

This is a great time to relax. Your body will need sleep and rest in order to heal properly. Do not lift anything heavy or engage in strenuous physical activities. Avoid bending over if possible.

Chin Lipo Recovery Days 2-3

All patients are different, but most patients will need to wear their head wrap for the first 2 to 3 days of their liposuction chin recovery, at least. It is very important that you wear this garment according to your chin lipo aftercare instructions. Failing to do so may not only extend the period of time that you are in recovery, but it could also compromise your results and may even encourage uneven results.

Chin Liposuction After 1 Week

Most patients are able to be back at work before the one-week mark. By this time, not much will have changed, but you should be feeling better day by day. You will still have some swelling and light bruising, although this should be diminishing.

Chin Lipo Recovery After 2+ Weeks

The healing process will continue as you move into week two of your chin liposuction recovery. Most patients will not have any pain or discomfort at this time. You will likely need to continue wearing your compression garment at least part time every day, but soon, you’ll be able to stop wearing it altogether. 

Some residual swelling may linger, but this should be gone soon, and you should no longer have bruising. In general, chin lipo surgery comes with a quite short recovery. The majority of chin liposuction patients are able to see their full results after around one to three months.

FAQ: Chin Liposuction Experience & Recovery

When can I exercise after chin lipo?

Liposuction Chin RecoveryAs far as movement during recovery chin liposuction is not as restrictive as other surgeries. That’s because it is minimally invasive, and it is not a surgery that affects your core or limbs.

While you will need to restrict neck, head, and shoulder movement to some extent, easy walks are fine (and encouraged) right after surgery, and regular exercise can be incorporated after a short period of time in most cases. 

How can I ensure optimal results after double chin lipo?

Your best bet at optimizing results after chin lipo is to follow the directions of your surgeon. With your chin swollen, you’ll want to take it easy and get plenty of sleep. Don’t strain your head or neck, and don’t engage in heavy lifting or physical activities that really exert yourself. Walking is fine. 

Wear your chinstrap as directed. You may be wondering how to sleep after chin liposuction, make sure to follow your surgeon’s directions. Do not smoke or drink alcohol, and avoid high sodium foods as these may reduce your body’s ability to flush out excess liquids. Consume a balanced diet, and drink lots of water.

What does double chin liposuction cost?

Most submittal liposuction patients can expect to pay between $2000 and $7000 for double chin liposuction. Just remember that every chin like the surgery is different, so your cost may vary depending on your specific situation.

What if I don’t like my chin lipo results?

As long as you choose a skilled and experienced surgeon, with chin liposuction bad results are rare. With that said, you can do a lot on your own to improve your results. Always wear your compression garment and take your medication as directed, be sure to rest and relax during your recovery period, eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and smoking, and follow all the other recovery instructions your surgeon gives you very closely.

Schedule Your Consultation Appointment

Your personal chin lipo recovery experience will be unique to you. To learn more about what you can expect and to find out if you’re the right candidate for this procedure, call today to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Raja Mohan.

Dr. Mohan is pleased to serve patients in Dallas, Southlake, and Arlington.


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