Can a Man Get Breast Implants?

Men with breast implants

While breast augmentation is commonly associated with women, it is worth noting that there is a growing popularity in breast augmentation for men as well. Individuals undergoing gender reassignment surgery may desire breast enhancement to achieve a more feminine appearance and better fit into women’s clothing.

This guide aims to provide important information regarding breast augmentation specifically for men. It covers topics such as the procedure itself, what it entails, who may be suitable candidates, and details about the consultation process for breast augmentation. By reading this guide, you will gain valuable insights into the subject matter.


Breast augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure to increase the breast tissue size in women and men. The surgery can do the following for men:

  • Enhance the breasts’ fullness and projection to give transitioning men a more feminine appearance.
  • Improve the balance of hip and breast contours.
  • Boost your self-confidence and self-image as you transition mentally and physically to another gender.


Generally, ideal candidates for this procedure are:

  • In good mental and physical health with no bleeding disorders, diabetes, hypertension, or cancer.
  • Aware that improving the look and feel of the breasts rather than perfection is the likely outcome.
  • Are non-smokers or willing to quit.
  • Are of average weight and are not obese.
  • Are not planning to lose or gain a lot of weight.
  • Have started hormone therapy but still want larger breasts.
  • Are at least 18.


During the breast augmentation consultation, your surgeon will discuss the following with you:

  • Your goals for the surgery
  • Medical conditions, past medical treatments, drugs you take as well as any allergies
  • Whether you smoke
  • Previous surgeries

Your plastic surgeon also will talk to you about your implant options. Silicone implants are the most popular, but some men choose saline. One of the most significant advantages of saline is that your surgeon can fill them after insertion so that he can make smaller incisions.

The two types also have a different feel in the chest. Understanding the differences will help you ask better questions and choose the best option.

Your surgeon also will:

  • Evaluate your general health and pre-existing conditions
  • Do diagnostic testing to determine your suitability for the procedure
  • Examine the chest and take measurements of the shape and size
  • Discuss the anesthesia options during the procedure

Breast implants for menYour surgeon will also have you try on several sizers to get a better idea of the shape and size that meets your needs and desires.

During your medical history review, he will ensure that you are a good fit for the surgery. It is a good idea to go over your medical history before your consultation, so you have all information available for your surgeon’s review.

For example, have a list of medications you are on, including herbal supplements and vitamins. Also, have a list of your past and current medical issues, such as diabetes or heart disease. If you are allergic to anesthetic, be sure to let him know.

Most patients need to have blood tests before breast augmentation to ensure they do not have unknown medical problems. Depending on how old you are, he may have your heart checked. You will also be asked not to smoke and avoid certain drugs.

Telling your surgeon everything about your medical history reduces your surgery risks. Remember that it is critical to understand every aspect of the augmentation surgery. If you are nervous, this is understandable, so don’t be shy about talking about your feelings with your doctor.


The procedure to enhance male breasts is similar to that for women:

  • ANESTHESIA: Medication is given to you for your comfort during the procedure. You can have intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Your surgeon will recommend the best option in your case.
  • INCISION: Incisions are done in the most inconspicuous areas to reduce scarring. You and your surgeon will talk about the best incision options. The most common choices are on the areolar edge, under the breast, and in your armpit. A bellybutton approach is possible, but there is a higher risk of complications.
  • INSERTION AND PLACEMENT: The breast implant is inserted into a pocket under the pectoral muscle for men (for women, the implant also can be placed behind the breast tissue). The methods used also depend on the type of implant, saline implants for silicone implants, degree of enlargement, body type, and what your doctor recommends.
  • CLOSURE: The incisions are closed with layered sutures and regular sutures, surgical tape, and skin adhesive. Over time, your incisions will fade. The degree of scarring depends on genetics, whether you smoke, infections, and other factors.
  • RESULTS: You can see immediate results, but there can be considerable swelling and tenderness for several weeks. Expect final results to be apparent within six months.



Once you’re ready to take the next step and book your consultation, there’s no turning back. The results you’ve dreamed of are within your grasp. Stop delaying, and schedule a breast augmentation procedure consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Raja Mohan today.

You won’t regret your decision!



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