6 Most Popular Reasons for Plastic Surgery

6 Most Popular Reasons For Plastic Surgery

The decision to undergo plastic surgery of any kind is a highly personal one. The thought of cosmetic surgery may strike you on a whim or it may be something you’ve deliberated about for years. Whatever your situation, you might know, deep within your heart of hearts, that you’ll feel best about yourself after you undergo the procedure of your dreams.

But there are many different reasons for Plastic Surgery why people choose to go under the knife. Some reasons for cosmetic surgery are understandable and predictable like improving one’s self esteem, while others may surprise you. Why exactly are so many people electing to visit the plastic surgeon? And what is the average age?

Reasons for Plastic Surgery

There are many reasons to get plastic surgery. Here are some of the most popular driving forces behind reasons for cosmetic plastic surgery statistics.


1. Technological Advancements

Chalk it up to sheer modern miracles. The many advancements in science are nothing if not surprising, and they’ve positively transformed the world of plastic surgery in recent years. Doctors now use more state-of-the-art tools than ever before, and cosmetic surgery that once took several hours can now often be completed in much shorter time frames and more options for non-surgical procedures.

As a result, cosmetic surgery patients experience less discomfort, recover faster, and may even be left with minimal to no scarring. As advancements in the cosmetic surgery field prove safe to use, more and more people are finally making their dreams of getting aesthetic plastic surgery a reality.

2. Increased Confidence

There are many reasons why plastic surgery is good, confidence and self perception are a a few examples. People often feel self-conscious about their physical appearance, and have low self esteem about a certain feature on their body. It could be a large nose (rhinoplasty reconstructive surgery), sagging breasts (breast augmentation), flabby upper arms (arm lift), eyelid surgery or wide hips. Whatever the area of concern, plastic surgery is often considered the go-to solution — the one way to truly remedy those feelings of discontent and finally feel that boost of confidence that you deserve.

And it’s a proven advantage. A 2019 survey conducted by RealSelf/Harris found that the majority of surgical candidates considered plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures more broadly as a legitimate  means of boosting their self esteem. The goal for most, it seems, is to feel better about themselves when they look in the mirror. For many, improving the physical appearance of their breasts through a breast augmentation, stomach (tummy tuck), hips (Brazilian butt lift), or nose is the key to a happier and healthier outlook.

3. Minimize Discomfort

Sometimes it’s not just the aesthetics that serve as a driving force for cosmetic procedures. For many surgical candidates, the primary motivator for surgical procedures is functional improvement that focuses largely on minimizing pain and discomfort. In particular, some types of cosmetic procedures can lessen everyday stress and strain on the body. Concerns about comfort and quality of life are common reasons to see cosmetic surgeon.

For example, plastic surgeons know that a candidate for a breast reduction may feel like a new person after her cosmetic surgery because it reduces her back pain and enhances her ability to perform everyday tasks with ease. No longer is the sheer act of lifting something an exhausting process. And a person who needs a septoplasty to correct a deviated septum isn’t doing it for vanity, but pursuing this surgical procedure to improve their breathing. These types of advantages after these common cosmetic procedures can’t be overstated — they are simply life-changing.

4. More Inspiration

It’s no secret that social media and the celebrity world at large serve as driving influences in modern culture. Between active influencer feeds showcasing enviable lifestyles to popular actresses and singers looking younger and younger by the year, it seems only natural that the general public would be inspired to learn more about how they, too, can achieve those miraculous results.

While it’s the rare public figure that actually admits to going under the knife for plastic surgery procedures, it’s true that many of them have — but with or without that knowledge, the average person might feel inspired to get plastic surgery because they’re so inspired by their favorite celebrities. The more that you’re exposed to certain looks and lifestyles, the more you might be compelled to emulate them.

5. Medical Necessity

There are medical reasons for plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons know that for individuals who have lost a considerable amount of weight, undergoing plastic surgery isn’t just a fantasy — it’s an essential part of their journey to achieve a better and healthier body. Many patients have plastic surgery for medical reasons. While weight loss alone is transformative and life-changing, people who lose the fat are often left with excess, sagging, and loose skin that makes it difficult to wear garments like tank tops and fitted dresses.

Cosmetic surgery can correct areas where the sagging skin takes away from the success and results of weight loss. Areas like thighs, bellies, and arms are all at risk, and during cosmetic surgery your provider can pull these areas taut to create smoother, more refined silhouette. There is no exercise or other physical trick that you can employ to make these results a reality. For people who have lost weight, then, effects of plastic surgery is an excellent option that can help them achieve the look they desire.

6. Greater Acceptance

Plastic Surgery For Medical ReasonsIn the 21st century, anything goes. Acceptance is by and large the norm — and people can and should feel free to do as they please without regard for others’ opinions. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should discount the thoughts of your trusted loved ones. Those people have your genuine best interests at heart, and since going through plastic surgery is such a major decision, they can help you talk it out and determine if it’s the right choice for you.

But aesthetic surgery isn’t quite as taboo overall as it once was. Today, it’s perfectly normal to aim for complete self-improvement through surgical means. There’s no longer the stigma of shock associated with it, making it a far more approachable option for the average person.

For you, that translates into a greater sense of comfort when you step through the front door of your surgeon’s office — without fear that someone you know might see you and offer judgements. In the modern world, self-care means everything to your sense of self and wellbeing, and for many people that includes taking a proactive stance and deciding what’s right for you and why it’s best for your needs. There are very few disadvantages of plastic surgery


Questions and Answers

What is the most common reason for plastic surgery?

The desire to appear younger motivates many individuals to seek plastic surgery. Life’s trials can hasten the natural aging process, making plastic surgery an appealing option for managing the effects of aging.

Why do people go for plastic surgery?

Undergoing plastic surgery can empower individuals to enhance their self-assurance by achieving their desired physical appearance. Additionally, it can contribute to an improved sense of well-being by enhancing both health and appearance. Plastic surgery can result in a more symmetrical facial structure, among other benefits.

What are the motives for plastic surgery?

The primary objective of plastic surgery is to restore tissue and skin function and appearance to as close to normal as possible. Plastic surgery is distinct from cosmetic surgery, which focuses solely on altering a person’s appearance to attain what they perceive as a more desirable look.

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