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Dr. Raj Mohan is a board-certified, aesthetic-fellowship-trained plastic surgeon serving Westworth Village.
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Chin liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that aims to eliminate excess fat from the neck and chin areas, resulting in a more defined and youthful jawline. Individuals who struggle with the appearance of a double chin or excess fat deposits under the chin, which cannot be removed through diet and exercise alone, often opt for this minimally invasive procedure.

Meet Dr. Raja Mohan

Dr. Raj Mohan’s educational journey began at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he majored in mathematics. He then received a merit scholarship to attend the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, graduating in the top 5% of his class and being inducted into the national honor society Alpha Omega Alpha. With a keen interest in plastic surgery, Dr. Mohan worked closely with the plastic surgery division at the University of Miami and published multiple peer-reviewed articles in leading plastic surgery journals. He has performed over 400 cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, accumulating more than 5 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery.

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Chin Liposuction Westworth Village


What is Chin Liposuction

Double chin liposuction, or chin liposuction, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess fat from the chin and neck area, creating a more defined and youthful jawline. This procedure is a popular choice for those who struggle with the appearance of a double chin or excess fat deposits under the chin that cannot be eliminated through traditional weight loss methods.


  • I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Raj’s nurse injector. It was my first time getting filler and she was very confident and comforting. My lips turned out great! I’ve had Botox several times, but this was by far my best experience. My friends have had surgery by Dr. Raj and he did a fantastic job.The office staff was informative and helpful as well. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend scheduling a consult and seeing what Dr. Raj can do and will do for you!


  • Dr. Mohan is the best! I already had idea of the cost. He was incredible and detailed, and went through all of my options to achieve my goals. Unlike other experiences, he wanted me to understand and be happy with my decision. His staff was so kind and the process of booking was so easy! I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a great surgeon.


  • Dr Raja is amazing! He doesn’t seem like one of those surgeons just out to make money. I went in for a consult and he kept it real with me and gave me recommendations based on his extensive knowledge and love for what he does. He patiently answered all my questions and you can tell he genuinely cares about his patients.


Am I a Candidate for Double Chin Liposuction?

Anyone with excess fat causing dissatisfaction with the contours of their neck and chin area may consider chin lipo in Dallas, provided they have good skin elasticity. Skin elasticity is important, as it allows the skin to bounce back or retract after liposuction.

Chin lipo only targets fat and does not remove excess skin, which may require a submentoplasty or a lower rhytidectomy for patients seeking loose skin removal in the chin and neck areas. Non-smokers in good overall physical health and at a healthy, steady weight are the ideal candidates for chin liposuction.

Chin Lipo Westworth Village

How does fat removal under chin work?

During fat removal under chin, a local anesthetic will be administered to the patient by the surgeon. Although the patient can remain awake during the procedure, they will be comfortable and sedated. The treatment area will be numb, so there will be no pain or discomfort experienced by the patient.

Once the chin, neck, and jawline area is completely numb, the surgeon will create several small incisions. One incision will be made directly below the chin, while two smaller incisions will be made under each ear. Through these incisions, the surgeon will insert a thin, blunt tube called a cannula to agitate and dislodge excess fat.

The surgeon will contour and sculpt the neck and jawline as the fat is suctioned out of the treatment area. Following liposuction, the surgeon will close up the incisions and apply bandages and a neck garment. The patient will be monitored briefly before discharge, with instructions provided for optimizing recovery and caring for the incisions.

Submental Liposuction Westworth Village

Surgery to Remove Double Chin Risks

Like any surgery, surgery to Remove Double Chin does come with certain risks. Although these are rare, it’s important to know about them before moving forward with surgery. Possible risks associated with chin liposuction include:

  • Infection
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Excessive pain
  • Swelling that won’t go away
  • Nerve injury
  • Wounds that don’t heal well
  • Complications related to anesthesia
  • An asymmetrical outcome
  • An unfavorable outcome
  • Noticeable scarring

Chin Liposuction Cost in Westworth Village

The question of how much chin liposuction costs in Westworth Village is frequently asked, but the answer is not straightforward. The cost of liposuction varies depending on the patient’s unique needs, such as the amount of fat to be removed, the anesthesia chosen, and the potential need for additional procedures.

The cost may be higher if the patient requires extensive liposuction and skin tightening, and fees for the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and surgical facility may differ widely.

Additionally, the cost of living in Westworth Village is different and could result in higher surgical expenses.

However, choosing a highly skilled and experienced surgeon in Dallas may provide the best outcomes for the procedure.


Why Choose Dr. Raja Mohan?

Patients choose Westworth Village liposuction cosmetic surgeon Dr. Raj for a variety of reasons. He trains and studies with the best in the industry as a peer and leader, and this commitment means that his patients are always able to benefit from advancements at the cutting edge of science and surgery.

He is knowledgeable and personable and is known for both candor and compassion. He really cares about his patients and it shows, both in how he interacts with them as well as in the quality of patient care he provides.

Ultimately, all roads end with the outcomes, and the reason most people choose Dr. Raj as their Westworth Village liposuction doctor is that he delivers results that speak for themselves.

Dr. Raja Mohan Plastic Surgeon Westworth Village

Submental liposuction Recovery

Recovery from chin liposuction is generally painless and fast. Some soreness may occur during the first few days, but it will quickly dissipate. Swelling and bruising, on the other hand, are common side effects.

Many patients inquire about the length of time they’ll need to wear a chin strap following liposuction. This duration is dependent on the quality of your skin and may differ from patient to patient. Younger patients with good skin elasticity may need to wear a chin strap for a shorter period than older patients with poor skin elasticity. The chin strap aids in skin retraction and tightening during the healing process, which may be critical for patients with poor skin elasticity.

During the chin liposuction recovery period, it’s crucial to rest and take it easy. A healthy diet, plenty of fluids, and limited salt intake should be followed. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and sun exposure should be avoided, and heavy lifting and exercise should be avoided until cleared by your surgeon. Most patients can return to work and daily activities within a week.

Double Chin Lipo Questions and Answers

Chin liposuction after 1 week?

Recovery time can vary depending on the extent of the surgery, your health, and other factors, but most people are able to return to work and normal activities within a week or two following the procedure.It is common to experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort after chin liposuction surgery. These symptoms may continue for several days to a week or more, and you may need to wear a compression garment to help minimize swelling and promote healing.

During the first week after surgery, it’s important to avoid any strenuous activities.

How long do Chin Lipo results last?

The results of chin liposuction can vary depending on the individual’s anatomy, the extent of the procedure, and how well they maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery. However, in general, chin liposuction can provide long-lasting results.

As with any cosmetic procedure, the aging process and other factors such as sun exposure, smoking, and genetics can affect the long-term results of chin liposuction. However, many people can enjoy the benefits of chin liposuction for several years or even decades after the procedure.

In summary, the results of chin liposuction can last for many years, but it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight to ensure long-lasting results. Factors such as aging, sun exposure, smoking, and genetics can also affect the long-term results of the procedure.

Will I have a Chin Lipo scar?

Like any surgical procedure, chin liposuction will result in some scarring. However, the size and visibility of the scar will depend on a number of factors, including the technique used, the extent of the procedure, and your individual healing process.

In most cases, chin liposuction scars are very small and barely visible. Your surgeon will take care to place the incisions in areas that will be well-hidden and will heal as inconspicuously as possible.

Scarring may also be less noticeable if you follow your surgeon’s instructions for post-operative care, such as keeping the incision site clean and avoiding sun exposure.

How painful is chin liposuction?

The amount of pain experienced during and after the procedure can vary depending on several factors, such as the individual’s pain tolerance, the extent of the procedure, and the technique used.

After the procedure, patients may experience some pain, swelling, and bruising in the treated area. However, these symptoms are usually mild and can be managed with pain medication and other measures recommended by the surgeon.

While chin liposuction is a surgical procedure and some discomfort can be expected, most patients find it to be a relatively low-pain procedure with manageable discomfort. It’s essential to discuss any concerns or questions with your surgeon before the procedure to ensure you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

What is Chin Liposuction cost near me?
Cost of chin liposuction can vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as the extent of the procedure, the surgeon’s experience and qualifications, and the location of the practice.
In general, the cost of chin liposuction in the United States can range from around $2,000 to $7,000 or more.

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Despite exercising and dieting to lose unwanted fat, some individuals may find that their double chin remains stubborn and does not disappear naturally. In such cases, a double chin liposuction procedure may be the only viable solution.

This procedure is quick, with a high success rate, and patients are overwhelmingly happy with their results. Recovery is also fast, and patients can see the transformation in a matter of weeks.

To determine if you are a suitable candidate for double chin liposuction in Westworth Village, we invite you to contact our office today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Raja Mohan. As a board-certified and aesthetic fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Mohan is experienced and trusted by patients seeking chin liposuction in Westworth Village.


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