Can You Get a Breast Augmentation With Lift?

Can You Get A Breast Augmentation With Lift

Yes! In fact, breast augmentation with lift surgery is quite common. And it’s an excellent way to enhance the breasts comprehensively.

Still, not every patient seeking improvements to their breasts requires this combination surgery. For some, only a breast lift is needed. For others, breast augmentation alone will achieve their goals.

If you have been considering breast enhancement surgery and are wondering if a breast lift with augmentation is your best option, this article is for you.

What Is a Breast Augmentation with Lift?

Before describing the breast augmentation with lift procedure, let’s look individually at each surgery on its own.

What Is a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a breast enhancement surgery that adds volume to the breasts by way of implants. Breast implants are inserted into the breast pockets via incisions into or around the breasts.

Incision placement depends on what type of implants the patient desires, their natural anatomy, and the professional opinion of the surgeon. Sometimes, incisions are made in the breast crease, around the areolae, or in the armpits.

Patients can choose the size, shape, and material makeup of their breast implants. These factors will help determine what implants cost as well.

What Is a Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery aims to lift sagging breasts and make them appear perkier and more youthful. This is a good surgery for patients who have drooping breasts and lax breast skin.

Excess skin and excess breast tissue is removed, and the breasts are reshaped with the patient’s own natural tissue alone (no implants). Frequently, the nipples and areolae must be repositioned as well.

How Is a Breast Surgery with Augmentation and Lift Performed?

Also known as augmentation mastopexy, a breast augmentation with lift is performed by combining the two surgeries outlined above (breast lift surgery and breast augmentation surgery).

Most surgeries follow the same pattern, but every patient is different. First, your surgeon may start by making the necessary incisions and inserting the implants either in front of or behind the pectoral muscles.

They will also reposition the breasts to a higher position, relocating and/or resizing the nipples and areolae. They will excise any excess skin and tissue. Finally, your surgeon will close the lift and breast augmentation incisions.

Breast lift with augmentation is often performed as an initial surgery. Alternatively, it may be performed as part of breast implant revision surgery.

Benefits of Breast Lift with Implants Surgery

Improved Overall Breast Shape

After breastfeeding or a drastic weight fluctuation, many women struggle with drooping breasts and sometimes even asymmetry. A breast lift will reshape the breasts and position them higher up on the chest wall. The addition of implants can help round out your breast shape for a more attractive overall look.

Increased Volume

Many women have always been dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. Others have lost volume due to aging or weight loss.

Regardless of the reason why, if you’ve been interested in increasing the size of your breasts and you also struggle with ptosis (sagging breasts), you may benefit from a breast augmentation with lift. Either saline implants or silicone breast implants can help you achieve the breast size and shape you desire.

Less Time in Recovery

If you know that you would ultimately benefit from both breast augmentation and breast implants, it can often be useful to combine the two into one surgery. This is because it limits the amount of time you are in breast lift and breast augmentation recovery.

For many patients, recovery after breast lift surgery or augmentation surgery can be a struggle. Limiting this time overall can result in less ultimate discomfort, less time off from work, and more time enjoying your new figure.

A Boost in Confidence

Last but not least, if you aren’t happy with the size and shape of your breasts and how they are positioned on your chest, your breast lift with augmentation can give you back your self-esteem and confidence. You’ll feel good shopping for and wearing your favorite clothes, feel more comfortable in your relationships, and possibly even gain the motivation you need to make other improvements in your life.

FAQ: Breast Lift with Implants

Is it better to get implants with a breast lift?

For many patients, a combination breast implants with lift surgery can be greatly beneficial because it can add breast volume while making the breasts appear higher up and perkier. However, not everyone needs both surgeries.

If your primary concerns are ptosis (sagging breasts) and excess breast skin, a breast lift alone may do. Or, if you would primarily like to increase breast volume, a breast augmentation may be all you need.

How much is a breast augmentation with lift?

Your breast augmentation with lift cost will likely be far different than another patient’s final lift and breast augmentation cost. This is simply because each patient’s case is different. Patients have different needs and desired outcomes, and naturally, plastic surgeons charge varying amounts for their services. Please book a consultation for a quote.

What is a breast lift with auto augmentation?

An auto augmentation breast lift is a breast lift that aims to increase the overall volume of the breasts. Often times, breast lift patients who want to fix ptosis (drooping breasts) do not actually want their breasts to appear smaller after surgery. However, basic breast lift surgery may, in fact, make your breasts appear smaller.

Any patient who would like to actually add volume to their breasts (while also lifting the breasts and fixing ptosis) might benefit from a breast lift with auto augmentation. This procedure will lift the breasts and use any excess breast tissue to reshape and add volume to the overall breast size.

Will a breast lift with augmentation leave scars?

Yes, any breast lift or breast augmentation procedure is going to result in lift or breast augmentation scars. Often times, a combination procedure like breast augmentation mastopexy will require incisions along the breast crease and possibly up the bottom half of the breast and around the areola.

Where breast lift and augmentation incisions are located depends on the anatomy of the patient, their ultimate goals, and the surgical approach of the surgeon you’re working with. Your surgeon will discuss each incision type and the associated breast lift and breast augmentation risks.

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Breast Lift With AugmentationNot everyone is a good candidate for a combination implants breast lift surgery. Yet, many patients would benefit greatly from this procedure. If you have been thinking about breast enhancement surgery, breast augmentation with breast lift surgery is certainly worth looking into. Your first step should be scheduling a consultation appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Board certified surgeon Dr. Raja Mohan would be happy to meet with you and discuss your breast lift surgery and augmentation options. He will show you breast lift with augmentation before and after photos to help you get acquainted with your potential results, go over costs and payment options, and answer any questions you may have.

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