Can a Botched Chin Liposuction Procedure Be Corrected?

If you’re self-conscious about having a double chin, there are usually only two options for getting rid of it: losing weight or double chin liposuction surgery. For many, however, weight isn’t even a contributing factor. And even for those who do carry excess weight, losing it doesn’t always help improve the appearance of excess fat beneath the chin. 

This means, therefore, that liposuction is often the only option for correcting a double chin. 

Most of the time, the surgery produces outstanding results, and the patient is ecstatic. However, in rare cases, botched chin liposuction surgeries may occur. In this article, we’ll be discussing what you can do if your chin liposuction surgery was botched.

Can You Fix Botched Liposuction on the Chin?

Yes, botched chin liposuction can be improved. However, it’s important to know that revision surgery is often more challenging than initial chin liposuction surgery. 

This is often because the revision surgeon will not know exactly what core issues need to be fixed (as they did not perform the initial procedure) and because there are often numerous issues that need to be fixed. Going back into incision sites with new incisions can be risky as well because your surgeon won’t want to make the scars worse or irritate the scar tissue and skin any more than they have to.

Still, revisions are possible with chin liposuction.

When Is a Chin Lipouction Revision Recommended?

Ideally (and in most cases), revision is not needed after liposuction of the chin. Most patients are very happy with their results

However, if you are at all unhappy with your results after chin liposuction, you should speak to the plastic surgeon who performed your surgery about your options. In some cases, if you are experiencing hard lumps, noticeable scars, or extended swelling, there are things your plastic surgeon can do to help reduce these symptoms and improve the appearance of your chin and neck.

On the other hand, some patients may have exhausted these options, and in this case, they will require revision surgery. If you are embarrassed about the way your chin currently looks because it is uneven, dimpled, noticeably scarred, or similar, it is worthwhile to look into revision surgery.

Many patients will decide to go back to the original surgeon who performed their surgery. This is an option and may be your best option if that surgeon feels confident about their ability to make improvements and if they offer free revision surgery and/or a discount.

On the other hand, patients often seek revision surgery with a new plastic surgeon who they feel is more competent. You want to know that your revision surgeon will make things better — not make them even worse. Dr. Raja Mohan is highly skilled at chin liposuction surgery and can help patients who have had a bad experience with another chin lipo surgeon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Lipo Revision

What does botched lipo look like on the chin?

In some patients, a botched double chin lipo may result in uneven, saggy, or dimpled skin along the neck. In other patients, there is no significant improvement in the amount of fat beneath the chin, or too much fat was removed, leaving a severe skin indentation.

How long after chin lipo do you see results?

You should see significant results around three to six weeks after surgery, but you will still have a bit of swelling. Your chin lipo final results will be visible around three months after surgery when all of the swelling is gone.

Why is my chin hard after lipo?

This may be due to the formation of scar tissue. Massage can do wonders for breaking up this tissue and helping to soften your scars and make them more pliable and comfortable.

Where can I get revision surgery for chin lipo near me?

Dr. Raja Mohan performs chin liposuction revision surgery in Dallas, TX.

What does chin liposuction cost?

Most chin lipo procedures cost between $3,000 and $5,000 or more.

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