Best Bras After Breast Augmentation: What to Avoid

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A breast augmentation and breast lift won’t just change the size of the breasts. It also will alter the size and type of bra you wear. If you have breast augmentation or implants, you can bid farewell to your A or B cup breasts! So, you can’t expect to wear the same Bras After Breast Augmentation, either.

For many women, investing in new bras is welcome news. It’s a time to hit the stores and try new things; some patients decide to have their first professional bra fitting after their breast augmentation to ensure they’re wearing the right bra for their new look.

But before you shop, keep in mind that it will take at least a few weeks before you can wear a bra again. Also, it will take weeks or months before your breasts will reach their final size.

Below are some tips to consider about bras after a breast augmentation surgery or breast reconstruction and things to avoid.


There is no exact rule that says you should or should not wear a more supportive sports bra right after your procedure. Some plastic surgeons recommend wearing a surgical or sports bra after breast enhancement.

However, other surgeons may advise not to wear a bra after breast surgery, and for up to a month afterward.

Some surgeons say not to wear a bra at first because the implants need time to ‘settle in.’ A bra, no matter the type, will alter the shape and position of the breasts somewhat. Pressure from your bra offers support and increases comfort, but it can change the final appearance of the breasts.

That said, many do recommend wearing a specific type of bra after the procedure, so please listen to your surgeon’s advice.


Best bra for augmented breastsWhenever your surgeon recommends it’s time to start wearing a bra again, you need to find the right one. You probably know what it’s like to wear a bra that doesn’t fit right: You cannot wait to get the thing off!

When you’re shopping for a bra after breast enhancement, you need to look well beyond the band and cup size of surgical bra; the style and cut of the bra make a big difference.

Regarding size, remember that breast augmentation final results take time to appear. So, the bra size that’s perfect after one month may not be right in three months. Remember that swelling after plastic surgery also can affect the cup size you wear.

That’s why you want to buy new bras slowly after breast enhancement surgery. Don’t stuff your wardrobe with new bras a month after your procedure; in three months, all those bras might not fit anymore. Instead, buy one or two bras at a time that fit you at that time.


If you wear a bra before the first six weeks of breast augmentation recovery are over, the biggest thing to remember about bras is never to wear one with an underwire! Underwires do offer support, but they can cause significant problems after a breast reduction or augmentation.

The underwires in surgical bras may irritate your incisions and lead to complications and additional scarring. Wait until your surgeon says it’s ok before you wear bras with underwires again.

More things to avoid with bras after breast enhancement cosmetic surgery:

  • Don’t wear pushup bras. Pushup bras move your breast tissue, which means your breast implants are moved, too. These bras stress breast augmentation incisions and lead to other problems, so let the pushup bras wait until you’ve fully recovered.
  • Don’t guess your size. Even if you’re certain what your new size is, it’s probably a bit different than you think. Have your breasts sized by a professional fitter before you buy anything. It will make your breasts look their best and ensure they have the support they need.
  • Don’t go against what your surgeon recommends. He or she may advise you wear a compression bra after your surgery. If so, make sure you wear it or whatever they recommend.


After your new breasts have reached their final size and position and you have your best bra or new bras, take care of your bras so they last a long time.

First, don’t wear the same bra for two days in a row. Wearing the same bra repeatedly will make it stretch and lose its elasticity, which means less support.

Next, wear your new bras on the largest hook. As they lose their elasticity, you can use the smaller hooks underwire bras to provide more support. The bra is on its ‘last legs’ when you’re wearing it on the tightest hooks.

To keep your sports bras going as long as you can, wash them with cold water on the delicate cycle. Don’t put them in the dryer because heat will affect the elastic.

Questions and Answers

When can I wear a push-up bra after implants?

Following around a week of recovery from breast implants, you have the choice to wear compression bras, a push-up bra, sports bra, or go bra-free.

What is the best bra to wear after breast implants?

Post-breast surgery, your bra is pivotal for healing, delivering support and comfort. Optimal choices include a medical-grade compression bra initially and a sports bra for the long term. Best post surgery bra is the one that fits the best and gives the most support.

What bra to wear 2 weeks after breast augmentation?

Around the two-week mark, you can switch from the surgical bras to a non-underwire, supportive option. The use of a medical compression bra is no longer needed.

Do you need a bra after breast fat transfer breast augmentation?

As per Dr. Raj’s recommendation, it’s advised to consistently wear the post-operative support bra day and night for at least six weeks after breast augmentation , as suggested by your surgeon.


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