5 Things to Know About Liposuction 360

Liposuction 360

As you may have guessed, liposuction 360, also known as lipo 360 or circumferential liposuction, is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to reduce excess fat all the way around the abdomen. This includes treatment to the entire front of your abdomen, your sides, and your entire back.

Lipo 360 is ideal for patients who have stubborn pockets of fat in all of these areas. Common complaints include annoyance with “love handles”, “back fat” and “back rolls”, and lower abdominal fat or a “belly pooch” in the front.

Does this sound like something that may work well for you? Liposuction 360 has been life-changing for patients who have tried diet and exercise for many years to no avail. 

If you think lipo 360 could benefit you, here are some important things to keep in mind before booking your consultation appointment.

5 Things to Know About Lipo 360

#1 – It removes fat from the entire midsection.

What Is 360 LiposuctionWhile traditional liposuction targets only the front of the abdomen (and slightly to the sides of the trunk), circumferential (360) liposuction focuses on removing excess fat from all the way around your torso.

Specifically, this includes all of the belly (from right below the breasts down to the pubic bone), the length of both abdominal sides (including the flanks), and the entire backside of the trunk, including the sacrum. 

For many, the abdomen is the most difficult place to lose weight. Despite regular exercise and strict dieting, some people simply have a hard time losing belly and back fat. Therefore, lipo 360 can be a truly transformational liposuction procedure — in one surgery, you can have an entirely new look.

#2 – Lipo 360 works best with Vaser technology. 

Vaser technology is an innovative way of removing fat via liposuction. The term Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. 

Essentially, this means that there is a step added between the numbing process and the actual fat removal process: The fat is liquefied by ultrasound energy. 

This allows it to be more easily removed.

“Vaser” is not a procedure on its own. Rather, it is a special technology that is used to perform liposuction. Therefore, it can be successfully used with lipo 360 in most cases. 

What’s the benefit of this technology over traditional lipo? 

For starters, when the fat is liquefied before being removed, it means that your plastic surgeon is not going to have to detach it physically, which is an aggravating process for surrounding tissue. This results in far less bruising, bleeding, and trauma to the patient’s body, which translates into a much smoother recovery. 

Furthermore, patients tend to experience superior results with Vaser liposuction because their plastic surgeon is able to be more precise and exacting. They can create seamless, natural-looking curves while removing excess fat.

#3 – Not everyone is a good candidate.

360 LiposuctionWhile liposuction may seem like the perfect procedure for someone who is overweight, it’s actually important that patients be at or within a few pounds of their ideal healthy body weight. Naturally, this will be a different weight range for each person.

Weight matters here because liposuction is not a weight loss solution. Patients will lose a few pounds during the procedure because fat is being physically withdrawn from the body. 

But if you are significantly overweight or obese, this is not a good procedure for you. In this case, you would want to take healthy steps to lose an appropriate amount of weight before undergoing this procedure. Significantly overweight patients are at a higher risk of experiencing complications during and after surgery.

#4 – It will give you a full body transformation.

Unlike getting liposuction on the arms or thighs only, liposuction all the way around the torso will transform your entire silhouette. You’re going to look different from absolutely every angle.

Those love handles and back rolls will be significantly slimmed. And your belly, too, will be tighter and flatter. Photos and video of you will look better, you’ll feel more comfortable in your clothing and undergarments, and your self-confidence should skyrocket.

#5 – It’s generally pricier than standard lipo.

Despite all the good things about lipo 360, it’s also important to note that because this procedure targets a large area, it requires more time and skill from your board-certified plastic surgeon. It also requires more resources with its use of advanced equipment. 

All of this means that the cost of lipo 360 is going to typically be higher than that of a traditional liposuction procedure.

Lipo 360 FAQ

What does a lipo 360 include?

Lipo 360 targets unwanted fat around the entire midsection, creating a full body contour. Unlike other abdominal liposuction procedures, this type of lipo will remove unwanted fat from the belly, sides, flanks, upper back, and mid to lower back.

How many pounds can lipo 360 remove?

For the majority of patients, between six and eight pounds of fat can be removed during lipo 360. This amount of fat removal usually equals approximately three to four liters of fat.

Can lipo 360 be combined with other procedures?

Yes. Lipo 360 can be combined with other procedures to offer better overall contouring. Lipo 360 can be used alongside a Brazilian butt lift, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery), breast lift surgery, breast augmentation, and other surgeries. Dr. Mohan can help you decide what additional procedures may work best for you and your body shape.

What type of anesthesia will be used for Lipo 360?

General anesthesia is typically used for lipo 360 surgical procedures. 

What’s the difference between lipo 360 and a tummy tuck?

360 Liposuction CostLiposuction and tummy tuck surgeries are often confused, but they are actually very different procedures. Liposuction is for fat reduction. It removes unwanted fat deposits — in particular, stubborn fat cells that are difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. 

On the other hand, tummy tuck surgery (also known as abdominoplasty) is a surgery that removes excess sagging skin. So, for example, if you lost a lot of weight after bariatric surgery, you may need a tummy tuck to get rid of the resulting loose skin. Abdominoplasty can also tighten the abdominal muscles. 

Almost all tummy tuck surgeries will incorporate some form of liposuction to remove fat pockets at the same time as removing excess skin. Conversely, many patients get liposuction but do not need or qualify for a tummy tuck surgical procedure.

Is 360-degree liposuction safe?

As with any type of plastic surgery, there are always going to be risks and a potential for complications. But generally speaking, lipo 360 is a safe procedure that has a high success rate.

To ensure safety during and after lipo 360, patients are encouraged to get plenty of rest, consume a healthy diet, and lead a healthy lifestyle overall.

Is lipo 360 worth it?

Yes, there are many advantages to lipo 360, and most patients are extremely happy they decided to undergo this procedure. If you have stubborn fat on your back, sides, flanks, and stomach, this could be the lipo procedure for you. 

In addition, if you are interested in adding volume elsewhere on your body (to the breasts or buttocks for example), 360 lipo can be combined with fat transfer procedures as well.

Book a Lipo 360 Consultation Today

When planning a lipo 360 procedure, Dr. Raja Mohan will take your entire profile and physique into account. The goal is to create an attractive silhouette that targets your trouble spots and gives you your ideal body shape.

But before you can start enjoying your results, the first step is booking a consultation appointment. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with experienced liposuction surgeon Dr. Raja Mohan.

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