What Happens With Weight Gain After Liposuction?

Weight Gain After Liposuction

Weight gain is a common concern for liposuction patients in Fort Worth. Not only are patients concerned about fat cells coming back after they’ve had lipo, but they also want to know what will happen to the fat on the rest of their body over time.

Not infrequently, patients will mention tales they’ve heard about “fat coming back” or getting redistributed elsewhere so that a person’s overall shape becomes disproportionate.

Naturally, these are upsetting thoughts — especially when your goal is to get rid of unwanted fat and look great, not gain more fat!

Fortunately, we have some good news for you. But we also have some warnings that you should heed in order to maintain your excellent results after liposuction.

Let’s dive in.

Can Fat Come Back After Liposuction?

First off, no — fat cells will not grow back after liposuction.

That is, unless you allow them to. 

Basically, if you want to maintain good results from liposuction surgery, you need to maintain a steady body weight because gaining weight can indeed cause a return of fat. Ideally, you’ll stay in close range to the weight you were just after your liposuction procedure. 

Let’s look at an example: Say that prior to liposuction, you are at a healthy weight of 135 lbs.

When you have lipo, the surgical procedure is physically drawing fat out of your body, so you will actually lose weight from surgery. Let’s say you lose 5 lbs.

This means that your “post-liposuction” weight is going to be 130 lbs. This is the weight that you will want to maintain long-term in order to maintain your new post-lipo silhouette.

What Happens if I Gain Weight After Liposuction?

Gain weight after liposuctionDifferent scenarios may arise if you gain weight after liposuction. Let’s take a look at two possible scenarios: a weight gain of just a few lbs. (around 5, say) and a more significant weight gain of 10% of your body weight or more.

5 lb. Weight Gain After Liposuction

Let’s face it: It’s easy to gain a few pounds in just a few weeks. Perhaps around the holidays, you have one too many treats, or maybe you go on vacation or change your workout routine. No matter the reason, it’s completely normal to experience weight gain or fluctuate a bit over time.

The good news is that if you only gain around 5 lbs. after liposuction, you’re not going to see a dramatic change in your treatment area. So, if you underwent liposuction on your abdomen, the procedure will permanently remove fat cells there, and even with a small amount of weight gain, you won’t get new fat cells. 

The remaining fat cells may grow slightly. But still, all of your fat cells around your entire body are going to grow slightly. Therefore, that 5 lbs. is going to be evenly distributed throughout your entire body. 

As a result, it won’t be as if the 5 lbs. of extra fat goes directly to your abdomen. In fact, with a moderate 5 lb. weight gain, you probably won’t see much of a change in your treatment area at all.

10% of Body Weight Gain After Liposuction

Gaining more than around 5 lbs. after liposuction could create some more significant changes in the way fat is distributed on your body. So, let’s say your post liposuction weight that you want to maintain is 130 lbs. If you gain 10% of your body weight, which would be 13 lbs., this may actually cause your body to grow new fat cells in the treatment area as well as elsewhere.

Now, every individual is different. Everyone gains weights differently. Therefore, there is no guarantee that this would happen with you. 

On the other hand, from looking at patients in the past who have gained a more significant amount of weight after liposuction, it is obvious that fat can return to the treatment area over time.

With all of that said, keep in mind that you will still have fewer fat cells in your treated areas. So, we like to say that even if you do gain a considerable amount of weight after liposuction, you should still look better overall because your proportions will be more attractive. That is, if you had liposuction on your abdomen, your abdomen should still be smaller in proportion to your hips even if you gain weight.

Tips for Maintaining a Steady Weight After Liposuction

Weight gain after liposuction picturesFollow these tips to maintain a steady weight after liposuction surgery.

Avoid weight gain by weighing yourself consistently. One of the best ways to stay consistent with your goal weight is to track your weight daily (or weekly). This can alert you to any significant changes right away so that you can make adjustments where needed.

Eat a healthy diet. The best diet consists of plenty of vegetables and fruits, protein, whole grains, healthy fats, and lots of water. Avoid smoking and limit alcohol. 

Move your body every day. Exercising regularly will keep you physically healthy and keep excess weight off. 

Have a weight loss plan just in case. If you do end up gaining weight, the good news is you should be able to return to your post-lipo body by losing weight the natural way. Follow the tips above, and consider lowering your caloric intake slightly if necessary.

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If you have stubborn fat you’d like to get rid of, don’t let the idea of fat returning deter you from liposuction. 

In the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ most recent statistics report, liposuction was (again) listed as one of the top five cosmetic surgical procedures in the nation, with 211,067 procedures performed in 2020. Overall, patients are overwhelmingly happy with their results and are able to maintain their ideal weight so their results persist. 

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