Will I Have Mommy Makeover Scars?

Mommy Makeover Scars

Are you worried about mommy makeover scars?

Concern about scars after mommy makeover surgery is one of the most common topics we discuss with patients at their mommy makeover consultation appointments. And to be sure, no one wants scars from mommy makeover surgery. Unfortunately, they are a reality.

The good news is, there are steps we can (and will!) take to reduce the appearance of your scars. Let’s take a look at what you should know about scars after mommy makeover surgery.

Does Mommy Makeover Leave Scars?

Yes. Although we would love to find a way to perform mommy makeovers without leaving scars, this has yet to become a possibility. So, for now, any time an incision is performed during a plastic surgery, you should expect to have a scar.

Scars really appear because the body needs to repair any cut or abrasion that is created on your skin. Collagen and other cells rush to the wound site and begin to rebuild your skin and tissue. This creates “scar tissue”, which unfortunately does not look exactly like the old skin you used to have — thus, the obvious appearance of a scar.

The smaller the incision, the smaller the scar usually is. So, whenever possible, your surgeon is going to make small scars in discreet places. Even if you have a scar in your armpit, for example, how often is anyone really going to see it?

Scars on the face, outside of the arm, or directly on the abdomen or back can be quite visible. But your surgeon will do their best to hide all incisions in inconspicuous locations on the body when possible (in natural creases and folds, for example).

Where Are Mommy Makeover Scars Located?

This depends on what procedures you decide to include in your mommy makeover. You can always search “mommy makeover before and after scars pictures” to find examples of scars after mommy makeover surgery.

Tummy Tuck Scars

Does Mommy Makeover Leave ScarsTypically, tummy tucks require some of the most severe scarring in order to remove excess skin. The main tummy tuck incision is made low on the abdomen, from hip to hip. Underwear and/or bikini bottoms/shorts should cover it.

But some patients may need this scar to be extended on either side (extended tummy tuck). And others may require an additional scar that runs vertically from the bikini line scar to the navel.

Liposuction Scars & Fat Transfer Scars

Liposuction scars to remove excess fat are typically small. The incisions are just a few centimeters long and should heal well and become almost invisible over time.

Plastic surgery procedures that require a fat transfer (BBL or fat transfer breast augmentation) will involve liposuction scars as outlined above. Fat transfer procedures also require the reinjection of fat, but this process should not leave noticeable scars.

Breast Augmentation Scars

For the insertion of breast implants, plastic surgeons will need to make an incision for each breast implant. This may be either around the outer edge of both areolae (periareolar incision), along both breast creases (inframammary incision), or in the armpits (transaxillary incision).

Breast Lift Scars

For breast lifts, plastic surgeons typically choose between one of three incision patterns.

Patients may only require an incision to be made around the outer edge of each areola (donut incision). Or, patients may need a second additional incision that runs vertically down the bottom half of each breast (lollipop incision). Or, patients may need a third additional incision that runs along each breast crease (anchor incision)

What Is the Best Scar Treatment for Mommy Makeover Patients?

Your plastic surgeon will discuss scar therapy options with you. Which options you choose will depend on which procedures you are undergoing. Liposuction, for example, requires little scar care (typically). However, you’ll want to spend more time caring for your scars if you undergo tummy tuck surgery or a breast lift, for example, because these scars tend to be most noticeable.

Some scar treatment tips after mommy makeover surgery include:

  • Following all guidelines provided by your surgeon for proper incision site care
  • Using silicone sheets or topical gels
  • Scar massage
  • Laser therapy
  • Staying out of the sun to reduce hyperpigmentation

FAQ: Mommy Makeover Surgery

What’s included in a mommy makeover?

As the patient, you will choose what procedures you want for your mommy makeover. Common mommy makeover procedures include a breast enhancement surgery of some kind (a breast lift or breast augmentation), a tummy tuck, and liposuction.

Some patients may opt for a BBL (Brazilian butt lift) as well, but keep in mind, a BBL cannot be performed at the same time as some other procedures, so if one interests you, we may need to schedule multiple surgeries.

How much weight is typically lost with a mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover surgery is not meant to be a weight loss solution. It’s a series of procedures that can primarily help women get their pre pregnancy bodies back.

What is the average cost of a mommy makeover?

Please schedule a consultation appointment to get an accurate estimate on the price of mommy makeover surgery. All mommy makeovers are different, so this is a difficult surgery to estimate the cost of.

What does a tummy tuck look like after 5 years?

After 5 years, most tummy tuck patients should have a flattened, faded scar. As long as you have continued leading a healthy lifestyle (eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining a stable weight), the results from your abdominoplasty should still be with you.

Schedule a Mommy Makeover Consultation

Scars After Mommy MakeoverDon’t let your concerns about mommy makeover scars deter you from undergoing this transformational surgery. Mommy makeovers can help you feel more like yourself again. They can give you back your confidence and give you motivation to continue leading a healthy lifestyle.

If you are ready to pursue a mommy makeover for yourself, please call our office today and request a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Raja Mohan. Dr. Raj is a skilled plastic surgeon who has already helped countless other patients achieve the body of their dreams so they can start leading the lives they deserve. Let’s help you too — call today!



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