What Is the Best Breast Lift to Get?

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight changes can change the appearance and feel of the breasts. These factors can cause the breasts to become deflated and sag, leading to an older and less attractive appearance.

A breast lift makes the breasts perkier, firmer, and positioned higher on the chest for a younger appearance. This can enhance your appearance and make clothing and swimsuits fit better.

The breast lift procedure removes extra skin, reshapes breast tissue, and also may raise the nipple and areola so the surgeon can create a more desirable breast contour. The procedure can be done with breast augmentation for a new look.

The surgeon can perform several kinds of breast lift, depending on your anatomy and aesthetic goals.

Lollipop Lift

Each breast lift procedure mentioned here is named after the kind of incision made in the breast.

The lollipop lift involves an incision around the areola and a vertical incision down to the breast crease. This is the oldest type of breast lift and is a good option for someone who needs to correct a moderate amount of sagging.

The lollipop lift isn’t appropriate for women who need a significant lift and isn’t ideal if you want breast implants.

Anchor Lift

The anchor lift is often appropriate for women with a lot of breast sagging. The anchor lift is similar to the lollipop lift but requires another horizontal incision parallel to the breast crease.

The anchor lift may be done with breast reduction surgery to reduce the breast volume. It’s usually the procedure of choice for women who need a significant lift.

Donut Lift

The donut lift is ideal for someone who has mild or moderate breast sagging. This procedure makes a circular incision around each areola. This method, also called a Benelli lift, repositions the nipple and areola to be higher on the breast. The surgeon also tightens the breast skin to eliminate sagging.

The donut lift works well with silicone or saline breast implants to boost breast size and eliminate sagging if you want breast augmentation.

Crescent Lift

This is the least invasive breast lift procedure and only requires a half-circle incision on the top of the areola. It’s usually recommended for women with small breasts and minimal sagging. It also can be done with breast augmentation.

Breast Lift Recovery Tips

After a breast lift, there are several things you should do to speed up your recovery:

  • Wear the correct bra: You should not wear a bra with an underwire for the first month. It’s better to wear a comfortable, supportive bra. The surgeon may fit you with a post-surgical compression bra for a few weeks.
  • Check with your surgeon about bathing: Bathing can be tricky for a few days because you shouldn’t get the incisions wet. Just take a sponge bath for a few days until your surgeon gives you the green light to shower.
  • Don’t sleep on your chest: The breasts are swollen and sore after a breast lift, so sleep on your back for at least two or three weeks. Put pillows under your arms to keep you positioned on your back while sleeping if this is difficult.
  • Keep activity to a minimum: You don’t need just to lie around all day, but take at least a week off work and take it easy. It’s good to go for a daily walk, but avoid any vigorous activities that will jar the breasts. You also should avoid any heavy lifting for at least a month to six weeks.
  • Choose light, button-up shirts: It’s hard to lift the arms over your head for a few weeks. So, wear lightweight shirts and blouses that button in the front. The breasts also will be swollen, so it helps to buy a few loose-fitting blouses for the recovery period.
  • Have someone stay with you: You’ll be tired and worn out after coming home. Have a friend or family member stay with you for a day or two to help with household chores.

Non Surgical Breast Lift Options

There also are other procedures that can slightly raise the breasts that don’t require surgery:

Aptos Threading

This procedure moves the skin of the breasts upward without surgery. First, the surgeon inserts small, barbed Aptos threads beneath the skin with a hypodermic needle. Then, the threads are secured and pulled up.

The procedure does require the insertion of threads under the skin, but it’s still nonsurgical and can last up to 24 months.

Plus, three are no scars, and the threads dissolve over one or two years.

Laser Therapy

Laser treatments are usually done on the face to remove dead skin cells and wrinkles. It also boosts collagen production to make the skin plumper and softer.

The procedure also can be performed on the chest. After several treatments, the skin produces more collagen and increases skin elasticity, providing a slight breast lift.


This procedure also stimulates collagen production. It uses radio waves to tighten protein fibers in the skin.

The surgeon uses a TheramCool device to send radio waves deep into the skin layers. Most patients see tighter skin in the chest right away.

This procedure needs to be repeated several times to give the breasts a small lift. It is best for women with mild breast sagging.

A breast lift can enhance the appearance of the breasts, make you look younger, and boost your self-confidence, so it’s well worth it. Talk to your surgeon about what you want from a breast lift and they’ll tell you which is the best breast lift to get for your situation.

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