Is it Worth Getting Breast Implants?

By far, the most popular type of plastic surgery in the United States is breast augmentation — also known as breast implant surgery or mammaplasty. Breast implants are appealing to patients for a number of different reasons. Some people require implants because of a medical reason. They may have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer risks or other health reasons. Others seek breast implants because they’ve always felt unsatisfied with the overall size of their chests. Others find with age that they are unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts and frequently opt for mastopexy. Some women achieve their desired results with a combined procedure like a Mommy Makeover, where breast augmentation is merged with a tummy tuck, liposuction, or another procedure to create a more complete transformation

Whatever the reason, breast augmentation can help. This is a simple, straightforward surgery and one that is prevalent among people of all ages, builds, and backgrounds. In fact, it is likely that you already know a few people who have breast implants — even if they haven’t mentioned it.

With over 300,000 surgeries performed each year, breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the United States.

Are Breast Implants Worth It?

If you are someone who wants to have breast implant surgery for aesthetic reasons (because you want bigger, fuller breasts), you may know that this is a goal you have, but at the same time wonder: It is really worth it?

The question of value really comes down to whether the cost, the downtime, and the added self-care will be worth it in the end.

After all, it’s true that the surgery may not be covered by insurance, that you may need to take time off from work or school to recover, and that you’ll need to be attentive to the care of your surgical sites for some time.
In the end, however, speak to nearly anyone who has undergone breast augmentation in the past, and they’ll give you one response when questioned about their decision to get surgery: It’s worth it.

There are many reasons that most patients consider their breast augmentation to be a good investment. First, breast augmentation is more reasonably priced and safer than ever been before. Recovery is also extremely short compared to what it once was. 24-hour recovery is now a viable option for most patients. This means you can be back to your day-to-day activities after just one day.

And of course, the self-esteem and confidence you’ll can gain once you embrace a new and improved physique cannot be matched with anything else. While you might think that a pushup bra or strategically placed breast tape could do just as good of a job as brand-new breasts, think again. Only a new set of breasts via breast augmentation surgery can give you that full, natural look you’ve longed for.

Relax Into the New You

Part of the appeal of having a new pair of breasts after breast implants is that you don’t have to try so hard anymore. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for fancy bras and undergarments. You don’t have to continually readjust yourself when wearing a lowcut top or revealing dress. And at the beach, there’s never a need to worry about sagging in a two piece or bearing an unbecoming profile. With your new breasts, you look great all the time, no matter what. Even when you just have on a T-shirt and no bra, your silhouette will be stunning — and that’s the beauty of breast augmentation.

All Natural, All the Time

Many are concerned about breast implants not looking natural. To be sure, this is a justified worry. Some plastic surgeons don’t take the care and attention needed to ensure a natural look when doing this surgery. With a highly-qualified surgeon like Dr. Mohan, however, you can rest assured that looking unnatural won’t be a problem. Not only does Dr. Mohan listen carefully to all of his patients’ particular goals, he also uses his best judgement when it comes to natural results.

For most patients, after all, the goal is not to look like you’ve had surgery of any kind. Rather, once you’ve had your surgery, you will begin to notice that you turn heads with people you’ve never met before, and with those you already know, they’ll tell you that “there’s something different about you,” but they just can’t put their finger on it. This is exactly what you want. You should aim for your overall profile to improve considerably and without effort. The means by which you improved, however, is okay to remain a mystery if you want it to.

Who’s the Best Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Let’s say you’ve become convinced that breast implants are for you and are getting ready to book your consultation appointment. The next step, then, is to figure out whether you’re suitable for breast augmentation surgery or not. To begin with, it’s best not to be a smoker and to be at a healthy weight. Overall, in fact, you should be both physically and mentally healthy.

Remember, also, that breast implants are not a “solution” for being unhappy with your figure or physique. They are not an “answer” to anything. What implants can provide is improved self-confidence and self-esteem — both of which can offer a cascade of positive rippling effects in your life. Those who feel more confident and better about their appearance tend to do better in nearly all areas, including romance, work, home life, and more.

Considering Breast Implants?

If you’ve been thinking about breast implants, the great news is you don’t have to commit right now. Instead, you can always book a consultation appointment with Dr. Raj Plastic Surgery at any time, and simply see it as a “feeler” for possibly moving forward with surgery down the line.

At your consultation, you’ll be able to discuss the goals you might hope to achieve with breast implants and ask any questions you may have. In turn, Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Mohan will speak with you about how to achieve those goals and offer ideal options for you. He will give you a physical exam and speak with you about choosing the best implants (material, size, shape, etc.).

It’s best to wear a button-down shirt that is relaxed and comfortable to your appointment as this will make the physical exam easier. Remember to bring a list of any and all questions and concerns you may have as well. Finally, don’t forget to bring along some photos of people whose breasts you admire. This is a good place to start when it comes to getting the ideal implants.

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