Everything to Know About Breast Reduction Recovery

Everything To Know About Breast Reduction Recovery

So, you’re thinking about getting breast reduction surgery in Dallas, but you lead a busy life, and you’re concerned:

  • How long does it take to recover from a breast reduction?
  • How much time will I have to take off work?
  • Will I be in pain and sore for months?
  • How do you sleep after breast reduction surgery?

We get these questions all the time, and they’re great ones to ask. Some women seek breast augmentation for larger breasts, while others have dreams of a reduction. Understanding the basics of breast reduction surgery and the recovery process are the first steps toward ensuring optimal results.

After all, a reduction of the breasts can be absolutely transformative for many women who dream of a smaller breast size, which is exciting! But you also must know what to expect before and after breast reduction ahead of actually scheduling your plastic surgery.

So, let’s dive right in. Below, we’ll outline what to expect during your breast reduction recovery, offer some tips on how to recover more comfortably, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this procedure.

Recovery Time After Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery RecoveryPain management options, including medication, will be provided by Dr. Raja Mohan, and this should ease much of your soreness. Time will also improve your discomfort so that each day, you feel a little better.

In terms of a recovery timeline, you’ll be mostly resting for about one week. A breast reduction aims to remove excess breast tissue which results in smaller breasts, removing breast tissue is a serious procedure and it is important to rest properly when in recovery. Within this time, you will want to get up relatively frequently to take short walks. This will ensure good circulation.

However, generally, try to rest your body and mind. You will already be feeling lighter and less weighed down. The stress leading up to your cosmetic surgery will be over.

Moving on to weeks two and three, you’ll be feeling much better and will be able to start incorporating more of your regular routine. Some swelling and bruising will still be present.

After four weeks of recovery, most patients are able to return to their normal exercise regimens. Your incisions should be sufficiently healed, and you’ll also be able to start incorporating scar-minimizing techniques at this time. Dr. Raj will show you how to perform these techniques, which can reduce the appearance of your breast reduction scars as they continue to heal (helping them to fade and flatten even further).

Breast Reduction Recovery Tips

Here are four recovery tips to keep in mind as you approach your surgery.

1. Rest is best. Don’t stress.

You board certified plastic surgeon will tell you that most of your initial recovery period after breast reduction surgery will be spent resting. Don’t try to do too much. Just rest.

Make a comfortable area in your home where you can sit down or recline, and gather some things to do. Patients often prepare books, movies, and other activities ahead of time, and you’ll probably want to have your computer or tablet nearby as well.

Take care of your mental health during this time as well. The mind and body are connected. It’s important not to spend your breast reduction recovery time off work worried about recovering and trying to push yourself too hard. A stressed-out recovery can impede your body’s ability to heal well.

2. Pay attention to your nutrition.

Having some freezer meals prepared ahead of time or scheduling a home meal delivery service with a healthy menu is a good idea. Keep nutritious snacks on hand as well. Easy to grab granola bars, bananas, oranges, and other nutritious options will be helpful to keep nearby when you have limited mobility.

3. Plan for a new way of sleeping.

Dr. Mohan will go into greater detail about how you need to sleep after breast reduction surgery. But, in general, most patients will need to sleep on their backs for around two to three weeks.

This can be quite difficult for people who are used to sleeping on their sides or stomachs. For this reason, investing in a special wedge pillow, a body pillow, or even a sleeping recliner may be wise.

4. Ask for help when you need it.

Preparing at-home help before your surgery is a great idea. Requesting a daily visit from a friend or family member can lighten the burden of doing regular tasks like cooking, cleaning, shopping, and other errands.

Likewise, if you find yourself concerned about any unusual symptoms or have questions about your recovery, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Mohan. He and his staff are here to respond to your concerns and help ensure a safe recovery for you.

FAQ: Breast Reduction Recovery

What can you not do after breast reduction?

It’s critical that you avoid strenuous activities after breast reduction surgery. This means avoiding running or doing any sort of aerobic exercise and not lifting anything heavy. You basically want to avoid straining yourself or getting out of breath in any way. It’s important to have everything prepared for your recovery so that you don’t need to worry about breast reduction costs or other questions after your surgery.

You should also avoid submerging any of your incisions in water, so this means not taking a bath or getting into a hot tub, for example. You’ll need to stay out of the sun as well. Finally, avoid alcohol and tobacco. It is important to treat your recovery seriously so as to avoid the formation of a blood clot or other potential problems. Your surgeon will discuss a surgical bra and perhaps other compression garments. It will will be important to wear your surgical bra after your surgery to help proper healing and recovery.

How much weight comes off after breast reduction?

The amount of breast reduction weight you drop really depends on the size of your breasts to begin with and your overall body shape. Most patients will see an average weight loss of between two and  eight pounds after their breast reduction surgery.

After that, many women go on to lose even more weight (from the rest of the body overall) because it is easier to exercise and move around after breast reduction surgery. Patients generally also have a renewed sense of confidence in their appearance after this procedure, which spurs them on to greater self-improvement.

How long are you off work with breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction patients typically take about two weeks off from work after breast reduction surgery. You’ll have more healing to do after that two-week point, but you can usually go back to your job and return to a relatively normal routine after two weeks.

How long is breast reduction and tummy tuck recovery?

Most women who undergo breast reduction surgery along with a tummy tuck are getting a mommy makeover. Recovery times for mommy makeover surgeries tend to be longer than for breast reduction surgeries alone.

Most mommy makeovers take around six weeks to recover from initially. At the six-week point, patients can typically return to most of their regular activities.

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Breast Reduction Recovery TimeExcessively large and heavy breasts can cause a range of physical problems for women. Stop letting these issues hold you back. If you’ve been considering breast reduction surgery for a while or have any questions about breast reduction surgery costs, it never hurts to collect more information.

Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Raja Mohan and learn more about your breast reduction options in Dallas.



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